Hi, I'm new to the group and would like to intoduce myself

Hi, I'm new to the group and would like to intoduce myself. I'm Cari. I had a freak accident on October 25, 2017 causing the amputation of my left leg above the knee. My fiance passed away on November 6, 2017 of unknown causes. I was in rehab and unable to attend his viewing/funeral. I lost my apartment, the puppy we just adopted 2 weeks prior to my accident, my fiance, the ability to drive (for the time being), the ability to work (again for the time being), my independence and what feels like my freedom. Honestly, if suicide was not a sin, I'd be with Mike (fiance). I don't know how to do this. I moved back in with my mom. She has a first floor bedroom/bathroom that I can use. She hovers though. Any little sound "are you OK, do you need my help" I don't know how to ask her to back off some. I need some independence/freedom. She believes I'm gone to live with her forever. I'm trying to save up for another apartment or condo. I really do not know where to go at this point....

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its not your fault for what caused you was a fated ill omen...i m extremely sorry for your fiance....but you have to live for those who care for u...i know you feel trapped in your mothers overtly pampering you..but its just because she loves you and doesnt want you to be sad...plus you loosing your independence is a major contributor to this feeling...Cari i support you...but dont feel defeated by life...its nothing if it doesnt hurt us....we have to accept it with a pinch of salt....try to restart your career..dont lose hope..your nothing different to us...your stronger...you survived came out....i wish you good luck and talk to me if u want..

@Ellora Thank You!!