Hi I'm new to this group but I need support. I am so alone

Hi I'm new to this group but I need support. I am so alone I've been on Cymbalta a long time. I take it for Fibromyalgia and muscle pain. It helps my symptoms tremendously and I couldn't ask for better. The medication. Is expensive without insurance. There in lies my problem. I often run out when I can't afford it and have to deal with the horrid side effects and withdrawal symptoms. It's like I don't even know who I am. The brain zaps are the worst. Dizzy and feel like I'm in a fog. Can't concentrate on my job. Nausea and loss of appetite. Completely depressed and have no control over my emotions.
I have tried to explain to my husband what I am going thru but really unless you are experiencing it, you can't explain it . I don't want to be off Cymbalta because it works so well for me, but I can't deal with this every time I run out!

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Can you talk to your Dr. about this? There is a generic one that does not cost as much I take it. Sometimes the company that makes it will help you with getting this too. Don't try to go off it at all without your Dr. knowing which I did last summer and it was horrible. Also try going on line for free support for the medication too.bestmedicineguide.com/Cymbalta_Free_Samples This is just one site that I found but if you go online and look on how to get it free or with coupons there is many sites. Good Luck

Thanks. I'll look into the generic. I appreciate the advice!

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@Jwphotos I just know that if you really talk to your Doctor and also the med company they are willing to help you with the medication. I was on something along time ago and I got coupons for the med. and it was covered. Let me know what you find out. Hugs