Hi. I'm new to this need help! I was raped by a so called f

Hi. I'm new to this need help!
I was raped by a so called friend 11 months ago. It's being dealt with by the police. 5 days ago I attended a pre-trial witness interview and had to watch my previous ABE. It was absolutely heartbreaking. I felt ashamed, believed it was my fault saying what if this was different or what if I hadn't gone there. Feeling absolutely disgusting/ashamed. NO ONE should have to go through this. I have prior to this suffered from anxiety and depression. At the moment I feel
Severely depressed and suicidal. Would it be better me not being here? do I withdraw my
Complaint to help me move on? I seriously don't know what to do anymore. Never ever going to be able to move on from this. I have tried keeping busy and taking my mind off the situation yet it always comes back. Help/advise needed

stick to your guns. make sure he goes down for this...and get help for yourself . NONE of it is your fault. He is a piece of crap who doesn't deserve to walk the earth. Hopefully someone in prison will rape him and hell know exactly how you feel. He feels no remorse otherwise he wouldn't have done what he did to you

call (513) 381-5610 womenhelpingwomen.org

Thank you. I literally can't take no more. It will kill me if he gets off. Thinking of retracting my statement I can't take no more

@Hannah90 You need to have courage to face this situation that you are in now. If you will not fight for what has happened to you, the Accused will be acquitted because he is presumed innocent until proven guilty right? You and your lawyer need to build up a strong case against him. Be consistent with your statements. You have to decide what you want out of this trial process. You want justice right? You should get it. Have faith and be brave through all this.

Hello Hannah let me start by saying it was by no means your fault. Have you considered seeing a therapist?? I was also raped and I have found therapy helpful to work through some of the feelings that are associated with rape I know its hard now but it does get easier it takes time my rape happened years ago and I still struggle from time to time but I'm able to see now that that person was in the wrong and not me
I'm here if you need to talk

@Nayna30 not yet am awaiting for counseling to re-start. Doctor referred me to a community physiatrc nurse before but nothing came of that. I appreciate what you are saying I just don’t know how much more I can take. Only things keeping me going is nieces and goddaughter and godson, other than that I feel worthless

You're right. That's about as awful it gets.

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@Namaste250 defiantly

I have been trying to keep doing say to day activities like work etc. I feel like I am being defeated well &!truky unsure of how much more I can take

@Hannah90 be brave. There is a better plan for you out there. You just need to fight.

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