Hi..I'm new to this specific group..is anyone available to t

Hi..I'm new to this specific group..is anyone available to talk? Please.

I am

Thank you..I just need to talk..I am at my wits end..I cant get this man outta my mind and heart ....I don't know if any of my msgs. have gotten through to him how I feel.,,,

I would like to know where I stand with him…if I still matter and if there is any chance between us.

It sucks to be ignored and pushed away. If nothing gets through maybe you should focus on moving on

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We are not a couple.....he had so sweetly made the overture to me and I got nervous and spazzed out...amongst other things. He tpok it as rejection..,,it was not..FAR from it.

So he got hurt…if he ONLY knew how I felt…

How long has it been since you got a response?

Thats the thing..I can't move on till I know for sure...from him.

I feel like I am getting mixed signals from him.

Try to see him in person maybe to set him down and really talk to him about all the misunderstandings

That would be nice..I so wish..but different states.

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Mmm I wouldn't say bombard him with messages but try every place you guys use to talk and try to get him to talk. If not today maybe he'll answer tomorrow but don't stress it to much. Try to get it off your mind

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If the man wants you he will let you know. Trust me. Some men if they aren't into you they will just fade into the sunset. But if he wants you he would be pressuring you. So my advice if he doesn't contact you just move on, don't waste your time.

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Yeah…,that would be sad…,but your right…if he doesn’t want to know a great,natural,funny.silly,warm, outdoor loving gal then thats his loss.

Yeah you are right..I am not desperate and I DO have self respect...its just it was a soul kinda connection...you're right. Plus I don't want to chase him, ya know. It would be nice to have a man chase me..lol..that sounds cheesy!! It would make me feel wanted.

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Thank you so much for ‘listening’…lol…and replying! I really appreciate it.

I can also talk but warning my head hurts today. not sure how long in other words.

sorry nvm I can’t really read right now I’m gonna go to bed sleep well everyone.

@pinkmermaid get some sleep headaches are no fun. I have migraines and a heating pad works well.
@idont understand are you ok?