Hi. I'm new

People scare and confuse me, and because of that I have trouble expressing myself properly. I've always been lonely and lacked self confidence. I kept my distance from people, and somehow I ended up hating others. I learned from my mistakes and I've been trying for years to get back into being with people, but something I did recently made me step back. I sent this thing to my crush anonymously and as a joke but it ended up terribly wrong, and now the person thinks whoever sent it is crazy. It made me really sad and made me question myself. I felt like I finally put myself out there and was shot down. It hurts. Im trying to move on, but I think I'm going back in my shell. It makes me wonder if I should bother trying. Why would like someone like me? I don't even like me. I hate this. This is really hard. People are weird, wait no-thats just me. :( I want to belong somewhere...

Hey welcome. Don't worry, you're among like minds now. I have real troubles being sociable in person myself. This can be a good place to work on that actually. The online aspect makes things easier I think, and hey if you have a bad experience, its just with strangers on the internet who don't knonw who you are! Helps. So welcome, and I hope you enjoy your time here.

you're not alone. people think im weird too:) you may have a hard time, but i promise you will find someone, somwehere that you connect with and love. good luck!
Pugs & Kisses