Hi! I'm pansy and I'm a lesbian but i'm going through a lot

Hi! I'm pansy and I'm a lesbian but i'm going through a lot of loneliness and depression. I would love to get to know y'all. I live in Virginia right now

I feel very sorry for what you are going through. Most of the time this type of loneliness and depression is caused by an environment that isn't so supportive of your life choice. But i tell you this much. Just because you are a lesbian doesn't mean you have to be lonely or depressed. It just means you need to learn to seek out people who are like minded, and spend a good time with those people in an environment where you are accepted, so that you can have a good time. Just be carefull always to have safe sex.

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Thank you for such a kind message.

The thing is though I know where the other lesbians hang out but I feel alone and stuck because I'm physical disabled and have agoraphobia which makes it impossible to leave my house. I would leave to go meet people but I don't know how. The Internet helps but I just need more :(

Hey Angela,

I feel very much like you do, I have a lot of anxiety around people and especially when it involves meeting them in a public setting. I am also dealing with depression and don't leave my house much, except to go to work.

I would love to listen to more of your story and situation if you would like to share!!

- Megan

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