Hi, I've just been dumped by what I believe to be a narcissi

Hi, I've just been dumped by what I believe to be a narcissist, I was in a relationship for 7 months, which escalated pretty quickly after only meeting him last May. Constantly texting me,Facebook contact, befriending me in person eventually, only to be cast aside after 5 months of intimacy. Which trailed off towards the end. Now Facebook leads me to believe he has another mistress, yes he's also attached but to an unsuspecting fiance as well, but just cut me off with no warning. Feeling confused. Would never have let this happen normally, as I was experiencing a mental breakdown while the primary focus was upon me..

I'm not familiar with narcissism but could just be a regular guy using you and others for sex and a cheater or maybe he has a sex addiction. I'm not saying he's not one but I think nowadays the label narcissistic is used to generally to decribe behaviors others don't like in someone versus true narcissistic personality disorder