Hi just found your site I been fighting non Hodgkin lymphomaHi just found your site I been fighting non Hodgkin

Hi just found your site I been fighting non Hodgkin lymphoma for 9 years chemo 4 times pills stills comes back now have one lymph node big as my fist getting tired of this hard to find a support group maybe some one has a idea

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*hugs* I feel so sorry for what you are going through


Here you will find some information on how to cope with cancer(although I know you are not new at it).
The only thing you can do is to weapon yourself with as much information as possible and try to steer the disease into a direction that is most beneficial for you. And find people like in here who will support you through this tough journey. I wish i could give you a cure, i am currently running the world community grid program from IBM where you can download a free client so they can help find markers that can help in the treatment against cancer.


Thanks for your support

This is a good place to express your fears and to just vent. I spend more time reading the different group discussions on this site then responding. It feels better knowing you are not alone. Life can be so challenging and I do my best to do well at the things I do have control over such as diet and exercise and I practice daily replacing negative thoughts with good ones.


Thanks for your support also good luck to you both