Hi! My boyfriend loves to hang out with people and he often

Hi! My boyfriend loves to hang out with people and he often hangs out with girls and guys but I get so jealous and paranoid l. How can I stop this without talking to him again bc he doesn’t get it?

Hi there! I really understand where you're coming from, and I've noticed this is something that's very unique to each couple. For instance, I have a friend whose boyfriend is very social with both genders and she just didn't seem to mind that much, but I'm way more like you -- I struggle with that kind of thing. Can I ask how long you two have been together? And how have you approached talking to him about it before?

I have been with him for a year and a half. Yes I have but he says he doesn’t think of girls like in a girlfriend way, just as friends.

Do you hang out with guys as much as he hangs out with girls? Has he ever gotten jealous? Sometimes it can help to explain by asking him to imagine himself in your shoes: "if I hung out with all these guys, and said I just thought of them as friends, would that ever bother you?"

@reaThua9 no I don’t hang out with guys unless I’m with him. He does hang out with me when we’re with a group though

Could it be that he is really an extrovert and a people person? And you are more of an introvert? I am not a people person too and I just stay in a corner at parties but I listen along at the conversation. My wife is more outgoing, but she stays close to me most of the time. Do you feel ignored or left out when he is around people? Does he hang out with others and you are not with him? Maybe you can talk to him nicely without accusing, just let him explain because maybe that it his personality.

@TofuOrNotTofu yes he is an extrovert and people person for sure and I’m more of an Introvert. I don’t feel ignored though , he does make it priority to talk to me.