Hi, My gambling is starting to cause problems with my money

My gambling is starting to cause problems with my money, and my marriage.
I know I shouldn't do it, but the idea of "easy money" is hard to resist, and its only very rarely that I actually win anything.
I am looking to chat with people who are going through the same thing, or have gone through it and have now come out the other side who may have some advice.
I have stopped before but I always end up starting again, but I am hoping that yesterday was my last time!
Any advice people may have would be appreciated.

hey there, hugs and support to you! What has helped you stop in the past before? What type of motivation helps you? do you have the support of friends and family?

@Aura82 Thanks for responding Aura. I always manage to just stop, but it never lasts. Motivation:- my wife has one foot out of the door at the moment and that has given me the kick up the backside I need to stop, but for how long?!?! I worry that things will calm down between us, and things start to go well again, and then that voice in my head says “one little bet won’t hurt”. I need to stop letting her down. I have moved a lot due to work over the last couple of years, the most recent move being only 3 months ago so friends and family are miles away from where I am now.