Hi, my name is autumn. i was hoeing around and got this.... hi, my name is autumn. i was hoeing around and got this

hi, my name is autumn. i was hoeing around and got this.... it was my fault, i have nobody to blame but myself excepting resposibilty was the hardest part.. i hate my life, i feel helpless.

Everything is going to be ok . Someone intentionally have this to me . You feel like dying disgusted ect in the beginning and you may feel like it's the end of the world . I'm here to tell you that it's not ! I like to inform people as much as I can about the possible cure that's being worked on . Good DRACO and dr. Todd rider and get back to me . It's how I've dealt with it for this month that I've known about my condition .

Every experience in life is an opportunity to learn. You are not helpless. Promiscuity is part of life. It happens. If you had a talk with each partner about whether or not they have an std, then that's acting responsibly. If they lied to you, it's not your fault

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@Brian36 agreed

Look I've practiced unsafe sex a lot of times but I'm not going to beat myself up because I didn't take responsibilitY. what's done is done now and you just have to accept it and Manage it. No 1 who has herpes is dirty it is just a virus that results in blisters it is only because we think it's dirty it was on our lips we would just think it's a cold sore.

Lesson learned. Move on from it. You have accepted responsibility and that is great progress

Everyone practices unsafe sex. Most people use a condom but once in a relationship stop using it and they never get checked. You could of easily gotten it even if you weren't hoeing around. A lot of people get it from their partners.

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Especially if said partner cheats and then has sex with you. That's a common way to get it

And the other thing to is that people can have thevirus and not even know about it and transmit to someone else. you cannot change it but now you do have to take responsibility.