Hi my name is Karen I had an above knee amputation last augu

Hi my name is Karen I had an above knee amputation last august even thou I knew what to expect ,nobody prepares you for the very rude people out there that stare or whisper to each other and shake there heads as thou you have done something wrong excuse I lost a limb not my ability to speak or see what your doing god I want to scream at them sometimes

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There is a bad joke. Everyone knows that all cripples are retards. This society with all of its fear and chasing things outside of itself resorts to this. Ooooh, look at her with one leg, what a loser...rather than being thankful for the legs we have we attempt to feel above another just because. Please try to see these as fearful people who desperately need others to validate them because they are taught this. We all come from the same beautiful source and even the most unfeeling among us will make our way home one day. We will all have both legs.

The looks are not really rude. Actually they do not know what you are going through, but they are amazed by the thing we are able to do.I have been told many times that I am an inspiration to some folks. Being an amputee is rough enough, but being an inspiration to someone that is whole inspires me also

3 years ABK. I tackle the looks by showing the confidence it take to do what we have to do. When I go to the gym, I do get odd looks but I alway's touch peoples heart by showing I did not give up. You have to muscle up and go for it. You will be surprised by the number of people that do get inspired by what we do. Be strong and show folks - I got this/// SMILE SMILE