Hi my name is mohsen and im from iran.im a electrical engine

Hi my name is mohsen and im from iran.im a electrical engineer. i could work anywhere of the world and i need to have a job , i dont know why but i have Hope for the future.
Good luck to all

hey there, welcome to SG! this is a great place to give and get support. When you feel comfortable we would love to hear a bit more about you.

thank u
I am a 25 years old ,boy
at first sorry ... my english is not good
im persian But my first language is Turkish(our tongue have a little different with Turkish Turkey) , and Some time im looking for work. But here Companies who employ their relatives or friends ( job = Ethnic relations )

Have you tried looking for jobs already?

I looked. But I feel tired,And I lost my goals and I think maybe it will make a new life... even several days, which I think about emigrate

is there a chance for you to create some consumable electronic device and sell it by yourself? that would land income right into your pocket with 0 chance for unemployment since you would be the boss of yourself.

Iran is different… Usually in here ,the market does not sell hand-made Electronic devices, , Because they are expensive and People do not trust electronic hand tools. Usually here … There’s a lot of money in buying and selling . I think here, the value of science, is low.

Ok then, have you thought of exporting it? sell it to the Europe or the US. to Russia at least. you must pull yourself away from science and try to make a consumer product for people. there you will find more acceptance. buying building components for you will be very hard though, iran is under BAN of all kinds of electronics sales. in other words, nobody will sell you a basic capacitor from outside iran.

i, too am from electronics engineering industry by the way. tried 3d graphycs in the past. and IT support. and software development. none of them are profitable. then moved to electronics. -same crap here. no future. in the end i find that if i would get some land and plant potatoes there, and milk cows; or have a cafe and sell some fast food i'd get more profit rather than intellectual work. world does not appraises us. another reason why our occupation fails is that no single engineer may have the "know how " on building and selling a product by himself. you may know how to design specific part of a circuit... but you never know how to do everything including molding housing, and putting it onto a selling shelf. growing potatoes is different, you plant it. it grows, get it and sell it. here you have a finalized selling product and it sells. engineering can not be done in solitary. it must be backed up by a group and finances.

It seems that you have experience in export and import , But for me this way is unclear, Because I do not know the way.
I know, a real engineer should have an open mind & to solve the issue & all the way in his mind & he must be fearless .....anyway . Now my mind is locked. But I think it's a good idea. Not only export or import electronics, everything, even at the very least. I will be grateful, if you guidance me ..

i don't have much experience these were just my ideas and assumptions. i think there are transport services in iran that will deliver purchases to you. you buy them on online shops and it will come to you in 30 days or so. then do to that purchase whatever you want. try to sell it... or whatever. however if you will start doing that systematically, customs service will sign you in the blacklist.or even worse, revenue service may fine you. because you did not registered yourself as a company but started a business activity.so don't forget to legalize your business if you are selling things greater than one month duration. try aliexpress.com things are fairly cheap there. then find which company delivers from china to iran. find out how to avoid customs fee because with the customs fee added self cost of any product will grow. do not aim at europian or american online shops they have legal prohibition on selling to iran.

Here, Because of trafficking, in the border is much cheaper than aliexpress.com......... Internet shopping is not useful. What do you think about sending by mail ?? goods that are cheap in Iran such as saffron(crocus) or Specific goods or items that lets law..( And vice versa)
(Of course, if I find someone like myself in a foreign country..)

Do you have a work visa? I recently lost my job. It's very stressful. I hope you find something. You should, being an electrical engineer..that's a great skill. I'm a purchasing agent, I am trying to stay positive, it's hard, isn't it? :)

hi . Positive thinking really hard. But wanting to do a job = do it.
I do not have much information. This is more than an idea. If you have suggestions or specialized Say …

edible products have harsh medical regulations. i personally would stay away from goods that may get spoiled. however, i saw one webpage long time ago it was like aliexpress only for foods. but i can't remember it's name search for it who knows maybe you'l find a buyer there. there are tons of unemployment forums with people like you from all over the world. talk to them, who knows somebody will get interested. here, bellaanne for example. do something together. oh and bellaanne , electronics engineer maybe has some chance to survive, but electrical engineer has almost no chance to survive without being employed. shamshiri you know what? many people change electrical wires in their homes, try to go through some technical school and learn in house wiring, get a certificate, and start private practice. make an adverticement in a newspaper "changing electrical wiring/fixing electrical issues" and type your phone in it. i know you will have to deal with all kinds of people some may throw you in money but. at least there always will be a demand for in house electrical repairs and you will have food on your plate.

Unfortunately I have tried it. I did ( wiring the building) a few years ago. Here… Electricians have been too much… & probability of pay is very low… I prefer being unemployed.
I need to find something, that they do not know all…

as time passes buy i'm starting to feel more and more guilty that i am alive and am breathing. planet is over populated. value of labor is extremely low. huge money is held in the hands of a few. i see no escape out of this inescapable situation... you know what, let's rise up the money and buy a yacht :) and live at the ocean. food will be everywhere - a fish.... there are water filter machines that filter out salt out of seawater and gives you a clean water. electricity is easily generated out of sea waves,winds and solar panels. we could also sell that fish because neutral waters are free for fishing (no taxes there). sounds unreal does it..?
or i don't know... get together and start a farm or something. plant potatoes and peanuts they grow, dig it out and sell them. food will always sell regardless of where you live.

I think it is wish of all.
If today I'm an employee of a company. i will not be happy More than a year . I can not imagine that, 25 years at 6 am to go and come back at 16 pm. 8 hours + 2.5 hours on the track. Is 10.5. If I do not work overtime. I see the sun for about 2 hours. Of course, if I do not rest. In case this is tolerable only have hope in life after death or a job promotion. Or you really love your job or salary is high.
we must work like a machine and sell for 1 day, 6 days a week (weekends).
Of course, in my country.... I do not know about other countries
Here 85% of the jobs (excluding the liberal professions), the salary is to the extent for who just survived.
If a worker here , who have a valid contract, to buy a small apartment. he must save The total salary in 100 months. And to buy household items , Should make savings of up to 10 months salary. That is 110 months should not eat to buy Bare essentials of life

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i work exactly the way you described. unfortunately we have to admit that our mothers made a mistake by giving us birth. but they did not know in what sorrow they were putting us in. so it is not their fault. i agree with you in so many things. from every possible scenario that i have thought about... only one stands out: Death; it is a final answer on everything. poverty... insecurity... wars... crime, injustice and criminalized police... poverty... financial slavery... years of endless torture. -everything may be solved by single thing. suicide. cyanide is inaccessible... pentobarbital sells only in mexico... hanging and cutting wrists are painful... jumping off the building is scary. gunshot wins over all possibilities but pressing the trigger is not so easy. this world is not worth living. governments turned us, people, into a consumable product. everything you do demands money, and government takes most of it. in the form of taxes. but even that is not enough for the, if a war starts, they give you a weapons and send to the battlefield to die in protection of their governmental positions and their filthy asses. or else, if you don't obey, they will kill you. be consumed... or die. this is the only alternative. netherlands have assisted suicide legalized. it costs 5000$. painless.. and fast.you know what is our problem? that we can not swollow this **** life. we are thinkers, we are analyzers, we see and understand that this kind of life is a dog life. we know the value of freedom and feel the lack of it. if i and you would be silly stupid citizens who only thinks to get that crap salary to put a food in he's mouth, we would be veeeery happy persons trust me, i have seen tons of them. when my mother dies, i will sell this apartment, make some fake documents that i have stage 2 cancer or something, and go to the netherlands. nothing else is left here for me.

@ilnar You know what bothers me more? Suppose I have a good job with a good income… from morning to evening, like a lucky person I go to work… In the workplace Like a pet, obedient, and submissive. And I do not let any objection. . And I’m like everyone. And a sign of a cultured man, is obedience. Obedience to the community, state, neighbor and friend and of all. I’m end of the month, I fixed salary… On television, in newspapers and everywhere to induce me that car is very good and comfortable and nice and updated… They lend me to buy it. I’ll buy it. And car loans before the end, they say, that this car is not up to date and it is not very safe and … And I have to change it. If I do not do it. I will penalized because it’s produce smoke or unsafe. It is about all of our lives. We need to ask anything that they want… They manage all our thoughts and ideas. You know, I or more people on this site, why we are worried about finding a job? Do we all fear of being hungry? Or die of hunger? Most of us (I’m not saying all) because of the desire to date. Our quest to satisfy our thoughts. (Which thoughts? Thoughts that they were induced to us) All we’re always worried. Worried about the future, worry about falling behind the progress. And the thoughts of others of us. In this big game, we do not live for ourselves, we have put a mask on our faces. Everyone is trying to catch a mask prettier than another. for what? Is he sees his mask? No . He fights for better visibility in the minds of others.
All say. Machines and the progress is good. Our Machines built for what purpose? Whether for welfare? if a Machines working hours = eight hours of work a man? So why, after making machines, people working more and more?
Our thoughts are contaminated. Is not it better that we email?( [email protected])