HI, my name is Rick and I have had cirrhosis for many years

HI, my name is Rick and I have had cirrhosis for many years. I have learned to constant flush my liver over and over again, every day. I exercise a lot , I use coffee enemas twice a day and use grasses (powders), mushroom powders to heal and strengthen my liver as well as flush it out. I was treated for liver cancer as well which really made my cirrhosis worse. I stopped all medical treatment because it was destroying my liver and put together a protocol to work on my cancer, cirrhosis and hep c. I use cannabis oil (whole plant) for cancer treatment and pain. If you are in pain try to get a cannabis medical card and purchase cannabis oil--this will turn your whole life around.

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I've never had any experience with cirrhosis but I'm glad you have been able to work through it with some natural things. I try using natural products for my issues as well (PCOS&candida) and I've found that it helped. I hope your post can help others in your situation. Thank you for posting and have a lovely night ;)

It seems like everything that you are doing is rather excessive. Is your daily regimen really healing your liver? Do you go to a doctor for blood tests to see how your liver is doing ?

@calayx really excessive, I have
not explained all that I do. Yes, I am feeling great. I don’t expect to use the doctors or scans anytime soon. The black cumin seed and cannabis oil I take seem to be doing the trick for me now.

I agree calayx

How do you really know how your liver is without a blood test ? I feel great but my blood tests show differently, that my liver is still sick. I would want a blood test to prove that all I do is working.
Just a thought ! How do you have time to live if you are caught up in all these procedures?
I care !! Calayx

@calayx I am retired, have been a nurse studying alternative medicine/treatments and fell into my protocols when I needed to step away from traditional medicine. I have tremendous faith and hope that all will be well. I don’t need a lab to tell my that I am feeling better or that I have greater strength and stamina then I have had in the past prior to the use of my protocols. Have you tried coffee enemas? Flushes out the liver via bile excretion from the coffee stimulation. Have you tried the powdered grasses or mushrooms? They work to flush out the toxins and heal the liver. Thanks for the reply. Good luck!! Rick B

Well, if you are retired I guess you have the time for all these procedures. I don't have the time or energy doing what you are doing. I visit church, my grandchildren and friends. I don't want to isolate myself with everything that you are doing. I want to live, and I know you do too !
Please keep in touch as to how you are doing.
I care, God bless.

@calayx " I don’t have the time or energy doing what you are doing." Your comment sounds like a major obstacle to healing. You must devote the time–remember, this is all about you. I’ll say it again, it is all about you. You will feel better after you do the coffee enemas routinely–it is amazing. God Bless you–Rick B

Thank you Richard- I applaud your rituals and am going to do the coffee enemas more frequently... I do take the Reishe mushroom I was just dix and am going to hep clininc a Loma Linda. I do not want treatment, already been there the new stuff is just worded a different way and put a spin on it It tears me up tried alpha interferon with ribarvirin trial in 99 it almost killed me.

@wendyredhawk I experienced Ribavirin/Interferon and it almost killed me as well. Now, if you are not seeking orthodox treatment I recommend mushrooms/powder and here is one for viruses; Agarikon mushroom powder. This at least stifles the virus from spreading (slows rate of damage to liver). As well remember, work on decreasing inflammation anyway you can or follow what is recommended from alternative health/diet sites on the internet. Keeping your inflammation down will stop further liver damage/fibrosis/cirrhosis. The enemas will keep toxins in your liver moving out of your body. This website has a recent piece on mushrooms; [email protected]., and it also has valuable information on combating inflammation. Probiotics and good digestive enzymes will truly support you. Keep in touch, Rick B

Thank you for asking. I am doing very well, getting stronger every day. I keep up with my routines and protocols with great success. I am doing something right. I have allowed my body to report to me about how I am doing and the information is good--so I will continue to reassess and progress. Rick B

I am thrilled that you are gaining so much success !
You are doing something right and I value your body for responding. Keep up your plans for your life.

Cheers Rick ! So far you are the only success story I have read in the past year and I would like to congratulate you for your great achievements after cancer and cirrhosis !!! This is very encouraging for me and I'm sure for all the other people who suffer from terminal liver diseases . I would beg you to go the extra mile and publish your success on a larger scale ( like Youtube or FB ) if you wish , so more sufferers would be inspired , encouraged by your pers success and cured from their illness possibly . Thank you !
Giorgio P.

Thank you for your comments and wishes. I am on a mission for total body healing. I have progressed a great deal. I am not out of the woods completely (haven't have confirmatory CT of no tumor). I have given your recommendation much consideration and now need to put my history to paper and start writing. I am curious, do you have a chronic illness? Hope to hear from you. Rick B

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