Hi my SG friends! I hoped everyone had a good Christmas holi

Hi my SG friends! I hoped everyone had a good Christmas holidays. My own was quiet, spent with family. But the big question, which I'm curious about, is what you are doing on New Year's Eve? Please tell us, what you re doing that night..... I know some of you'll would be home alone..... Why not shared the night with me, and others, SG friends who would be on the site..... We could reminesced about what we did in the "Old Year 2015." .... Or talk about the "good old days," when Life was simpler.... Yes, it sounds liked FUN, Join Us Please! Everyone is Invited! Remember you're never alone, SG friends are here, to support, and be supported. Be strong the best is yet, to follow......

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I'll be spending New Year's eve in front of my fireplace with a glass of wine and maybe music or a good book. A romantic comedy movie marathon sounds good too:) lovely post thank you my friend ⭐

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@newyork Sounds liked a good plan for New Year's Eve.... Yes a romantic movie marathon, or a good book curled up by a fireplace.... But something missing, where are all the good single guys? They are a rarity, I know from reading the posts on SG? Apparently it's the same problem with finding single, and good women too.... Do I reminesced about, when I was young, and single.... Dare I, or as my kids have told me, "mom we are fed up of your same "back in the day stories," how about presently, what about us?" Well here goes nothing! When I was in my early 20's, there was a neighbourhood party, which was big for New Year's Eve. I would see most of my child hood's friends, and neighbours there.... It was a fun night, ringing in the New Year there..... I even had a curfew by my single mother, even though I was employed, and bringing in the bacon.(lol) I still miss my mom. (RIP.) Then most of my friends married or moved away..... Yikes! I was alone, but still not lonely.... I still had Hope, and having "kissed a few frogs, before I met my Prince." I met my significant other, and the rest is History...... After 23 years together, and last Summer 20 years married...... My mother's words "nothing happened before it times!" Yes, but the suffering, and the broken-hearted ness is for a reason? But at the time of bad encounters with "players." No fun baby! But I won't be this strong person now, if it wasn't for that! Happy? Yes scarred, but not bitter.... It's liked my traumatic brain injury....... Hell, and Back, Scars Yes! But I have a story to tell..... I gained Strength...... You know recently @SunnyTomortow ask me to tell my story of my brain injury, what happened, and how it was incurred..... I told her, I did tell my whole story, when I just arrived on SG ...... Would I do it again? ..... Sure, but it's very emotional for me, to post it.....During my brain injury,it was a Life, and Death situation ..... So much negative emotions involved, especially for my family...... Do I dare go back I will... Last time I did, I couldn't see the screen on my I Pad, it was wet.... I am so grateful, I found this site... SG friends ROCK! Anyway to all my SG friends..... Please post what you are doing on New Year's Eve.... If you are alone, we SG friends are Here for You! Remember you're not alone, SG friends are here, to support, and be supported. Be strong the best is yet, to follow... * Abrazo y Beso mi hermosa Amiga @newyork.*

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Thank you for sharing this with me . I like knowing new things about you:)… in my case I choose to be alone. something I need to really work on … why do i want to be alone??.. I know the answer…but, I hurt people who love me by being this way.They want to be with me love me… so I hate! myself for hurting them. I wish I wasn’t this way . but I am. and there in lies my problem . I Dont think many people understand … … Abrazo my beautiful irmita:) BTW you are a fighter I admire you very much.

probably wallowing around.

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