Hi. My teen daughter was recently diagnosed. We are curren

Hi. My teen daughter was recently diagnosed. We are currently experimenting with different medications. What has worked for you? Thank you.

does anyone want to share?

@norseduncan We have tried abilify and are now on risperdone.

I recently switched to Vraylar which comes in pill form. It has less side effects than my previous med which was Invega Sustenna injectable every 28 days. I don't recommend the Invega only because i had nightmares from it and that can really put the start of your day at a low point. The trail and error method of meds can be hard. If it's possible journal daily any worsening symptoms or side effects when trying the new medication.

@Ferris Thank you VERY much! I will have her start doing that. I don’t know which is worse, the hallucinations or the side effects from meds. ):

@Daisy15 you're welcome! During my diagnosis i stayed at the mental health ward for 30 days and they put me on so many meds i was like a zombie and felt nothing. This can happen when your over medicated. Luckily my mom was visiting and she noticed it and told the doctors, A common problem with medication when the someone has been on the medication for a long period they start to get a sense of false hope. By that i mean the medication has put them on an even level and the believe they don't need medication. I have been through that a few times and occasionally to this day i have thoughts that i don't need meds. So just something to watch out for. Peace be with you and your family!

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@Ferris I appreciate the advice. We don’t have any support groups where we live, and this whole situation is really hurting my heart watching her go through this. She told me today that the risperdone isn’t working, so we haven’t gotten rid of the hallucinations yet.