Hi. New here. Husband and I are unemployed for the first t

Hi. New here. Husband and I are unemployed for the first time in our married lives. It's amazing how fast the bills piled up and have eaten away at our savings. He's about to get a job offer and I am returning to nursing school to renew my R.N. license. Our 2014 tax return is incomplete, but need to do it in order to qualify for a mortgage vacation with our bank. I keep procrastinating on it even though I know it needs to be done. I have been having panic attacks at night, am not getting my sleep and believe I have some depression now. I want to sell or rent out our house and move into an apartment + take other measures to reduce our debt. My husband won't hear of it (the renting or selling our house it). He's historically spent way too much money on toys and his hobbies and I just don't think he will do what it takes like I'm prepared to do to reduce our load. Anyone else have an uncooperative spouse isn't helping the situation?

Welcome . Have you two discussed meeting with a financial advisor? Perhaps someone else there to give advice based on both of your wishes can help you figure out a game plan.

@TennisPlayer Hi, there. We have a financial advisor but we haven’t spoken to him in a couple of years. My problem is, I am following his (the advisor’s) advice, but my husband is not. We retain separate bank accounts although I used my account to pay all the bills every month. If I come up short, it’s me who has to dip into my savings to cover any shortfall. After he demanded to see one, I recently presented him with a spreadsheet showing all our expenses and where our significant shortfall is. Naturally, he went quiet on me since that clearly points to a significant discrepancy on his part in not contributing enough toward our household expenses. It’s extremely unfair - and each time I bring it up to him and present him with the facts, he gets angry, storms off and it doesn’t get addressed. I’ve had moments where I have been tempted to leave him over this - the stress of all of this is on me, 24 x 7.

I've had the spouse who didn't listen and had to let the chips fall. It's hard. I'd considered divorce to protect myself financially but instead my husband was injured and things changed. Before taking risks, do the worst-scenario. Renters sometimes do not pay. I agree you may have depression if you are not completing the tax return. Do this for yourself, if you can. Get help if you cannot. The same financial advisor who may give advice may help with the return.

Beatrices - Welcome here. My husband is a train wreck financially, I took the bull by the horns years ago, took over all finances & started stashing cash/emergency fund, etc, its a terrible insult/disrespect for these (so called) men to want bigger toys then "some" financial freedom. Do research roommates as your on the right track wanting to rent your home, unfortunately hubby is not, so you must do whats necessary for your own emotional/long term well being. Mine will never change, yet yours may. One can freeze Credit scores too, w/the big three credit reporting bureaus, that way he can't make big purchases without unfreezing access to credit info, though if you want to rent apartment (excellent idea down sizing) do that before freezing. There are things you can do to help slow him up a bit, but ultimately its up to him to grow up & stop being a slave to his "stuff", is hard to help them see what really matters in life. I do hope you stay w/us, keep talking.