Hi new to this site

Hi new to this site


I’m am extremely sad because I feel like I cannot get over an attempted break in that happened roughly two months ago. I’m a stay at home mother with 2 kids. I have one new born and a toddler who is only 3. My husband had just left for work and I was home alone with the kids, suddenly there was harsh banging on the door with a metal object. I was alarmed and my children were terrified. The beating became more rapid and the intruder started yelling harsh words through the door cursing because he could hear my children screaming. I could barely call 911 I was so nervous.

I seen that he was armed with a long knife as well. I was in my home with absolutely nothing to defend myself with. As I’m gasping for air trying to talk to the 911 operator my mind started feeling really foggy and I could barely remember the details of the mans appearance. It was so bad that I couldn’t remember rather I had seen one man or two men. The intruder fled when the police arrived. So he wasn’t very successful at getting in. However, the police believed they had caught the man but I couldn’t even remember if that was the “right “ guy or not. The guy they had was very hostile to them, but I still wasn’t sure and did not want to send an “innocent” man to jail if I wasn’t sure or not. I was hoping others in my neighborhood would have seen the suspect but there were barely any neighbors home and very few could describe the man so the police let him go. It turns out that the man the police wanted me to identify was the right person all along.

Later that day a neighbor downstairs told the police his brother suffered from mental illness, skipped his meds that morning and went upstairs and started banging on the doors. For some reason, this answer did not satisfy my soul. The man who had attempted to come in my house wasnt even supposed to be living in that apartment, being that he is not on the lease (according to the rent office). There was no arrest made. They didn’t escort him off the property. There was nothing done at all about the situation.

We were just told to trust that he wouldn’t be back on the property…still to this day I wonder if he is on the property. If so I wonder if he’s taking his meds. I wonder when will the next day be that he skips his dose and makes his way into my apartment. I feel hopeless. My husband installed extra locks but I still feel so very hopeless. My personality is changing because of this. I feel like this is not fair. I don’t talk to anyone about the situation because when I tried they just shrug like, “well he won’t be back” or “safe to know he just had mental issues”. Like, no! I don’t feel safe I check the door every 10 mins to make sure no one is intruding. I jump at the sounds of car doors slamming. I jump when my children are being noises or fussy. I tell them to be quiet if they’re being too “loud” in terror that I won’t be able to hear if someone is intruding.