Hi. Please help me please. I know why I've been binge eatingHi. Please help me please. I know why I've been binge

Hi. Please help me please. I know why I've been binge eating. Since I was a kid, I've never really loved anyone. And I mean everyone. I dont love my parents, my family, my friends, but I've always craved that feeling of love but I can't love anyone. I binge eat because eating recreates that feeling of love. It's never enough but I still do it. Please someone please can someone pleaaase be my friend..... All I want is to love someone. it hurts so much..... Anyone who feels the same as me? I dont know what to do please. I've only loved fictional characters like Korra the avatar, The only person in the world I've ever loved. What's wrong with me? Can someone please help me? I beg you........ I think I'm damaged in some ways.

I can't help commenting that probably the best way to begin finding love is to begin loving yourself. Take an emotional step back from yourself. Please re-read your post. If you we're a professional counselor, what would you recommend to that person to get there life going in a positive way? Your advice should be fairly concrete when it comes to the binge eating part as that is destroying both your body physically and your emotional well being. If you love yourself first, it's natural to positively involve yourself to help others. How would you like to meet this challenge? For me, since I have an elementary teaching background, I reach out to children, kindergarten through the third grade to help those having difficulty with reading/writing. Of course something like that may not be your thing but you're special in some area. Is it reaching out to the elderly, helping at a soup kitchen, being a big sister? Whatever your choice, by helping others, you'll be showing self love as well. The love you seek shouldn't be a struggle but you may have to "fake it until you make it". The key is start positive movement step by step. In the area of food binges, there probably will be some setbacks but please view your setbacks as learning experiences not just another chance to profess hate/negativity on yourself. Remember, your goal is self love.