Hi! So today I have been having debilitating anxiety over my

Hi! So today I have been having debilitating anxiety over my lover lying in the past and cheating. I can’t get it out of my head and when he comforts me it doesn’t help because all I see is a lair like this is just illusion to. I remember how he comforted other girls and I can’t but help feel as though it’s still Happening even though he says it’s not.

I’m hurt I feel like he told all the other girls that o was crazy so they wouldn’t tell me the truth about his connections with them.

It’s so crazy painful.

I don’t know how to cope and I’m not ready to leave him. Help

i am sorry you are going through this. You will never forget. So if you are not able to move past that and forgive him, you should leave him. BUT I understand that you WANT to stay with him. You are torturing yourself - accept and relax or don't trust him and leave.. But know he probably will do it again and you have to be ok with that.


I have to totally agree with jillianjwoods. You are just going to continue torturing yourself if you stay.

I see what you are both saying. Last night jarrett wrote a friend that told me she didn’t know and doesn’t want to know and that I am drama. Obviously from him calling me crazy to his friends for no reason.

I asked him to show me his last text. I think he may have deleted the text he sent back.

He showed me after telling me I would get angry.

Then there was nothing there.

My friends think he covered his tracks

I am sorry that you have been cheated on. I can imagine how crushing that must feel. Would you be interested in talking about in via private message? You are loved.

I completely understand what your going through! Hopefully my story will make you feel a little better. I caught my boyfriend sleeping with MEN on Craigslist could you imagine that?! For months I couldn’t get the imagine of him sleeping with strange men out of my head I couldn’t eat or sleep it was horrible. But my therapist told me that we can’t know everything and we just have to either accept it and try and move past it or leave the person because I have the same issue every time I see him it reminds me of what he did. We can’t even sleep together anymore cause that’s all I see! I know that I need to leave him and am planning on doing so in the next month maybe you should do the same if that’ll help you.