Hi there, I need a job to support myself financially. Cur

Hi there,

I need a job to support myself financially. Currently, I'm living in India. I go for interviews but I feel very stressed with the personal questions about my age, marital status etc. I would like to work abroad. I feel like going to the United States.

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Is this a possibility, coming to the US that is?

I am facing same situation in india. Whereever I go they not just ask about the year of passing , they ask about parents , marital status, age etc. I am not able to get job even in call centres

@Momica111 In the US that is illegal to ask those kind of questions. Do you have transferable skills?

Well thats what they ask in call center who actually work for US ,UK , Cannada. We cant question them . I am someone with no job at 27 . Sometimes I feel so alone and I am the only one who has this pathetic life. I worked in software for some time. And then worked in call center. I couldnt keep jobs. When i wake up i have to deal with these voices in my head always telling i am weird , odd , No adult is like me , no adult is lazy like me , no one goes through these voices , ... Its this same cycle and i want to end my life most of the time.

@Monica111 You need to get out of your own head. When I had terrible anxiety, I would cry, not get out of bed, felt worthless. Then I started listening to inspirational You Tube video’s. I liked Louise Hays, and Joel Osteen. I literally listened to them through tears, over and over until I got my thinking straight. You can’t be successful at an interview if you don’t believe in yourself.