Hi there. I've been suffering from anxiety disorder for a ve

Hi there. I've been suffering from anxiety disorder for a very long time. I feel and perceive things in different way which appears better to me. I've had problems in socializing with friends, people around me. I started understanding people around me and the various relations the use as means of communication to express themselves. I understood these human constructs, their need and the purpose they serve for. I improvised and adapted my life for better situations. i believe in doing the right thing backed by science which has an objective that makes better conditions, means something for me as well as others and makes us human. I've had a very difficult time in sharing my ideas, just to be myself or just to say what I feel about somebody or something. I do keep secrets - deliberately pretend of being somebody else to ensure it , because sometimes truth isn't good enough. I don't believe in luck, till wish the best to everyone. I believed in something at kept doing that because I thought that's the right way to do things, no matter how many times I failed. Recent events have changed my life. I've been suffering from depression for the last few years. I never gave up , i always had the feeling that i would come out of it - just a matter of time. But last 5 months have been the worst. i've been failing at every single thing. I've stopped doing what i love to do. Frequent headaches, insomnia have changed my daily routine. I'm most probably suffering from hyperthyroidism. my endocrine system is messing with my behavior. i'm weak, forgetting stuffs can't do my study, project work.. can't concentrate at all. Consistently failing at everything is changing me. I'm losing faith everything i believed - doubting everything... i'm losing my self. I must say, it's the worst feeling for you when you feel that you the worthless person on the planet who can't do anything productive. All my dreams are shattering down. i can't make the world a better place anymore.

If somebody out there, taking time and reading this, then thank you.
Plz help me. i'm passing through the lowest point of my life till now.
Thanx again.

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Sorry you are really hurting, we are all here to help support you. Glad you joined the group. Big hug to you.

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Please see a doctor. Are you on any meds for the hyperthyroidism or depression. Some of what you described at the beginning of this sounds like some form of autism, but a doctor wold know better what to do to help you? Is there anything I can say or do right now to make you feel better? What have you given up on that you love to do? It seems that most people with depression, when asked what do you enjoy doing, always begin their answer with , "I USED to enjoy..." I have a lot of "used to's" myself. I made myself sign up for a class to get me out of the house, and doing something creative. So far, it is working pretty well.