Hi there just looking for some support. My son has ADHD and

hi there just looking for some support. My son has ADHD and a severe speech impediment. Recently found out he has dyslexia. Feeling down.

Such diagnoses can make it seem like he has no chance for a "normal" life and cause a lot of stress for you as a parent. But it will be okay. It will be a hard road, but he'll be stronger for it, and so will you.

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@AnaLeigh thank you

I am a special education teacher and there are some basic things you need to know:

1st Reading and writing or (decoding and coding respectively) have nothing to do with intelligence. I’ve had students with Down syndrome who learned to read or decode relatively well while Einstein had difficulty.

2nd Reading and writing are a technology that was invented about 5000 years ago and our brains did not evolve to read but just happen to be able to do it. Some do it easily and some with great difficulty because we are all wired differently.

3rd Just like some body types favor being a professional basketball players while others favor being a professional racehorse jockey. Those with brains that have dyslexic wiring tend to have better 3D spatial processing and creative problem solving skills than the public at large.

Do a little research and you will find that the world is littered with famous entrepreneurs, scientists, designers, craftsmen, and engineers with dyslexia. It’s not a disability; it’s a tradeoff of one ability for another. What makes it disability is that modern learning comes from the written word in schools. The earlier you son gets help with his language deficits, the better it will be for him to overcome the difficulties of having that type of neural wiring which will support the gifts he has from his type of neural wiring.

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@CFE thank you so much.