Hi there this wasn't ever something that I thought Id do

hi there this wasn't ever something that I thought Id do... I have never admitted to anyone that I have binge eating disorder and a serious problem with compulsive overeating. It has ruined my life for the past 6 years and Im finally ready to accept that I need help. I've tried so many ways to get rid of it and stop my desire to binge eat, but I can't and I need help. It feels nice to say that I need help. I am in school and I get so stressed which leads to binge eating which leads to my self esteem going down which leads to me not wanting to introduce myself to people because I think that they will think that im just someone they should pity which leads to isolation & depression. Its a vicious cycle but it gets me every time. I can never just listen to my body its like theres something inside me forcing me to eat and eat even when I know im not hungry. the moral of the story is that I can barely recognize myself and I want to be able to stop binge eating so badly but ive been out of control since coming to college and I need help!

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@ccrr1100 hi. I’m so glad that you are reaching out and asking for help. We all need it. Nothing is more frustrating than eating when you’re not hungry. It Has to stop. And it will stop. And like I said to someone else, if you slip OK. Just get back up and never give up.

Now I have this awareness that I’ve only recently learned that the way we identify ourselves is crucial for our behaviors that follow. So if I look at myself in the mirror and I identify myself as a fat loser, then I’m going to have behaviors that follow that thinking and will keep me as a fat loser. If I look in the mirror and see myself as a thin strong beautiful person then I will have behaviors that create a strong beautiful thin person. So you have to believe it. changing your thinking about yourself is crucial. You have to believe that you are in control of what you eat and that there are a lot more important things that matter to you. You have to change your thinking to whatever it is you want your life to be like.
whatever you want to be like. you have to practice looking in the mirror and tell yourself those things.
I look in the mirror and I tell myself, I love you, you are beautiful and you matter. You are thin and strong.
And I believe it !
You can practice this and you may not believe what you’re saying at first but over time you will start to believe it and you will see yourself differently. It really starts in the mind.
How do you identify yourself? What are you saying to yourself? What is the tape that plays in your head saying to yourself?

Speak kindly to yourself because you’re always listening.

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The same thing happened to me in college and I gained 40 pounds - not the first year - the first SEMESTER. IT was really rough being away from home the first time, there were sooo many difficult emotions and situations to deal with, it was a totally new reality that just wasn't normal! I couldn't stop no matter what. I had certain foods I just HAD to have and had the freedom to eat whatever I wanted, with no parents monitoring my behavior. Do you feel that your compulsive over eating got worse when you got to college?

@HildaBeast yes definitely and I don’t know how to control it