Hi, um, I'm only a 13 female. My hair has lost half of its t

Hi, um, I'm only a 13 female. My hair has lost half of its thickness. I loose hair most when in the shower or just brushing it. Thyroid issues run in my family, so my mother thinks it might be that. I'm getting tested in August, and I hope I dont loose too much hair during that time. I'm just worried my hair will look super thing by next year. I guess I just need some reasurence? Ive been thinking about telling one of my friends, but I dont know how he will react. I just hope he doesn't think any less of me.

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Hi, I'm also a 15 year old girl and was diagnosed with cancer I used to have super thick hair over a foot long and two weeks into treatment it was getting madded and the hair that was falling out was getting twisted into my curls so I cut off a foot and a week later shaved my head, trust me I know it's a very emotional time, but people are gonna be there for you (my friends dad just let me shave his head lol) anyways I know pulling out the razor is hard but if It comes down to it I would shave your head, it's hard at first but than every day your not reminded of it and there and bandanas and hats you can try I woar them for about a week I still where them when I'm at school but after a while you'll just feel like whatever around your friends I'm here if you need anything:)

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Hi, I'm 41 and this started happening to me this past year and my heart really goes out to you. At 13 I understand this can be scary and stressful as you are a young woman and hair means so much to us. we may not have the same hair loss situation, but If you are having hair loss dispersed all over the scalp (which is my experience) then chances are no one else will really notice.

Hair loss with thyroid problems is so common and after a lot of research online, I've learned that for many women, the hair starts to grow back within a year of starting the thyroid supplements/medication. August is just around the corner and I bet once you are diagnosed and put on medication (if you have a thyroid issue) Your hair will return. Oh, and if it's not a thyroid issue, there are other possible (reversible) reasons for hair loss as well, like vitamin and mineral deficiencies.

Whatever you do, though, do not diagnose and medicate yourself--if you don't have an actual deficiency, the supplementation can make things worse. But Your doctor will know what to test for :) and give you directions on what to do.

Take care . . .

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Thank you guys guys so much! I really needed that reasurence. Hopefully, every thing will workout fine in the end. Ill update you guys after I get my thyroid test done.

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Good luck I'm praying for you!!

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@Littlee1001 thanks!

@TrueYou thankyou for the suggestion! I’ll definitely check out the website!