Hi Well I'm not felling the best right now cause I'm thinki

Well I'm not felling the best right now cause I'm thinking of my sexuality and if Im even ready to come out yet. I'm 13 and I'm pretty sure I've been gay since I was like 5 or somewhere around there and I guess I never really thought about it since 2 years ago. Now I do have a crush on a guy, I'm not attracted to girls but sometimes do want to complement them on hair or say they look nice that day but I'm not sure if that something makes me straight or bi. I do find girls pretty but not in that way. I'm pretty sure this is normal but I'm not sure at this point. Any help?

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Gays are usually more girlish, even if they don't want or like being a girl, they naturally adopt their habits, attitude, etc. It's just that they want to make them friends. That's normal with me too. And that definitely doesn't make me bi, because sexual orientation determines the sexuality, anyone can look nice a girl or a boy

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You dont sound like your gay. You sound like your thinking too much into subtle thoughts. Your letting your curiosity run things. If your attracted to guys in most cases you might not actually be gay your just someone who appreciates beauty. Doesnt have to be a gay thing to say a girl looks good.

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Hi QR47
Sorry to hear that you are not doing so well.
Coming out is a huge step and it is a stressful thing if you’re having any doubts about coming out then it is not the time to do it.
Realizing your gay at very young age is very common even thou you really don’t know what it is all about the feelings may not be recognizable but later on when we look back on early childhood behaviours it starts to become clear and becoming more aware of it in recent years is normal since discovering your sexuality is part of growth and development.
You’re the only one that truly knows your sexuality and as far as the crush on the guy and not being attacked to girls soon enough that will be crystal clear to you if it is not already.
Your thinking a girl’s hair is nice and she looks nice is just down to having good taste but if there is no attraction to them it more than likely is just you recognizing that they look good.
From your posts I think you pretty much know your sexuality and questioning it or coming to terms with it is completely understandable.
If you need to chat I’m happy to try and help.

@Mikezx thank you this really helped