HI...wishing everyone well. Just wondering if there is someo

HI...wishing everyone well. Just wondering if there is someone out there that has been given the all clear and is finding this phase a challenge.

I have twice and I am lucky I can take the MD's word for it and move on. At first that wasn't the case but now I trust him when he says it. Time will make it better!

Thank you for the reply. Without discouraging people, because I know it's different for everyone, but I was curious about lingering fatigue issues and expectations after being declared 'cured'. Trying to determine physical vs. mental but they seem to come as one? And congratulations rascal.

I am older so I was told fatigue could last up to a year. I did end up with some chemo brain but manage to work around that. One side effect of being short of breath has hung on and that really causes a problem in working or walking anywhere, short spurts is all I can manage but for me that is ok because I am retired and can take my time. I would figure on a year to be 100% and take care f yourself because your immunities will still be down so you will catch lot's of bugs if you aren't careful.

@rascal1 Thanks once again for your thoughts. I do appreciate it. Will continue to be patient and hopeful. :slight_smile:

OK I am a NHL survivor. That episode in my life is just a distant memory as I have a brand new cancer to work with now:-)Having said that,I am fitter and healthier than I was ten years ago.

@johnnyOz Sorry to hear you’re dealing with another cancer. Once is plenty. Best wishes.