Hi y’all! I wanted to share some of the progress I’ve ma

Hi y’all! I wanted to share some of the progress I’ve made.
Monday June 28th was my 90 day mark of my step1, phase 1 of this new way of eating I’ve been wanting to do for many years. I finally broke through the wall I kept hitting.
Now it’s July 1st and I’m starting step 2 ,phase 2.

My Recap. Phase 1 was getting out foods that feed bugs, viruses in the body. Eggs dairy and wheat.
Meat is added even though I ate it 3 times. I am 100 done with meat. Also lowering high fat foods I used to eat everyday. The point of this is to clean the blood. Fat from any food thickens the blood, lowering oxygen throughout and stops the body from healing while it’s busy cleaning the blood out.
I had a mental block. I had to really break down to break through it. I had to be so angry, so hurt. I felt betrayed, not supported, (not here, by so called life long friends!) that I finally got so sick of sitting in my Sh!t , that I said to myself, that’s it!
I’m doing this and F.U.C.K. That b.I.t.c.h. . I don’t need anyone! I’m saving my life.
So I shut everything out and focused on My goal.
The first 30 days, all my energy went to this. I did it. Second 30 days , I dropped coffee. Was real on guard with that because I know how easy it is to get re-addicted to that.
It was hard but I made it. Finally and I’m really proud of myself. It shows me that indeed we are stronger than we give ourselves credit for. We are always putting up walls (excuses) why we can’t do something. We think we need someone else to do things for us. Guilty of both.
(((And all the haters who wanna hate on me when I’m nothing but nice just because they’re taking my kindness for weakness. Being jealous and disrespectful.. And they can kiss my A.S.S. because you’re not taking me down. I’m going to take care of myself and I’m gonna make it.)))
God made us complete and if I can take care of someone else, then why can’t I take care of myself?
I Can!!
And women, we take care of so much. We create life, we nurture life. And then we forget to nurture our own. Love for others is crucial.. but if we don’t first love ourselves, our journey here will be short and painful. And there are many WISE women around the world who would love to share their wisdom and help but now can’t because they are too sick.
And maybe bitter because they didn’t do what they needed to do while they had the chance. Now they want to hate on me! F.u.c.k. Y.o.u.!
Health is everything. And I was willing to go through the pain and suffering alone to get rid of addictions. I deserve to be rewarded AND respected.

Now phase 2. Fat goes out, focus is on raw fruits and veggies. I will continue to have my steamed potato because I am not ready to take out.
Phase 3 will be mostly juicing with no potato.
I’m starting today because it’s easy to remember the date. I will continue for the rest of the year.
This is to set me up going into 2022 a lot healthier and stronger.
I will never go back to eggs dairy wheat meat coffee.
Those days are over.
I don’t care about that fake food. It’s fake food because it feeds bugs. Viruses.

If you want to learn the truth of this , Medical Medium shares it clearly.
I got the Epstein Barr Virus a long time ago but didn’t know it. After I was traumatized watching my Mom die in March 2019 , that triggered the virus to cause more problems.
The skin and inflammation are signs the body uses to signal a warning!
I had bad inflammation all over causing burning in eyes and feet. Now it’s gone. Bad Rashes .. now gone! I had a very small reaction last night after eating a high fat meal. So it’s 99.9% gone!
That is what I care about and I will only eat foods that don’t feed viruses and have a benefit.
Like banana. The food that all the diet industries say is so bad because of the sugar , is actually a very good food.
I’ve learned a lot ! I feel better. My stomach is happy.
I used to get burning pain .. now gone!

My morning is Lemon water, celery juice and then a HMDS (heavy metal detox smoothie)

I want y’all to share what you are doing because I respect you and your choices regardless of if I personally do it or not.

I am still going to work towards 25-30 pds coming off over the next few years. I just wanted to change my eating style first. I think I’m 178-180! Waist is 34 inches. I’m only 5’3 1/2 , so weight will be coming off.
I’m also big boned and muscular so I’m thin enough and healthy at 150 and not interested In Vanity weight loss.
So goal for now is 150
Waist 29-30

Good insight. I struggle with diet. You are great inspiration. With todays technology updates, i may have to tap into that to get help... If i survive the world getting stranger every day.

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@bebobaBetty yes …you can do it. And I know what you’re talking about. I get sucked into the news and that distracts me too much. TV and phones go off when I get out in nature.