High-Cholesterol Diet possibly linked Brain Damage

This article discusses how a diet high in cholesterol may be linked to brain damage;

"Scientists at the Laboratory of Psychiatry and Experimental Alzheimers Research have found that a chronic high-fat cholesterol diet may lead to brain damage.

The researchers noted that the onset of Alzheimer's disease can begin up to 30 years before symptoms appear and that high cholesterol levels have been linked to this illness. Therefore, the scientists focused the study to find the effects that hypercholesterolemia has on the brain..."


Source: betterhealthresearch.com, 11/26/10

Whaaaat, that was crazy!!

I know! That's why I had to share it.

It freaks me out reading all the health/fitness type atricles sometimes, its all overwhelming, like take Vitamin a, b, d, c to avoid this, include folic acid for this, try omega 3's for this, make sure you get iron, keep your cholestorol low by doing this....theres so much to remember!!!

Gina, I take all of these articles and research in bit by bit and apply what works for me. I take my daily multi-vitamins, and rarely add anything to that. The key is to try to get all of your nutrition through your daily diet; therefore, it's important to eat healthy balanced meals. And, if you're working out, then you most especially need to make sure that you're fueling your body properly.

Yeah, I actually have to take pre-natal vitamins (not pregnant or planning on getting preg) just due to my ED. So i get all the vitamins/minerals i need.

I do the same Gina and I'm not planning a pregnancy anytime soon, I'm simply taking them to make sure that I get all of my proper vitamins and minerals as well.