High School Bullying

I got molested at High School and then got told that he was smarter than me in front of a large audience of people there.

I was wondering, has anyone here ever had a large group of people that helped reinforce the abuse they received like I have?

Yes. I was in middle school when my next door neighbor's kid, who was a senior, started to rape me again.

No one believed me. Not even his mother who I swear witnessed it at least once from her kitchen window.

And, without fail at the bus stop and on the bus, in front of all those other kids; I was made to feel like an ***. The attention he received for embarr***ing me just helped raise his confidence level. That wasn't a good for thing. He would just continue with the abuse when we got home from school.

I"m sorry Luvs. You know, it's hard to deal with these things when people become an accomplice to them.

Yes, I do know that. It suxs.

Even though it is over 25 years since that stuff happened to me I still deal with it.

I think its worse when someone makes me feel like I did at the bus stop the next morning. You know how it makes you feel when someone makes you think that you are stupid? Well, in my case it is when someone makes me feel like ***. It brings back the memories and it causes me to have flashbacks of what happened.

But, like I said before, you will be ok. Life will get better. You just need to be exposed to more resources to help you along. The more you understand about your situation the better off you will be to handle it.