Hii I am gay and i am sex addict the reason why I've conclud

Hii I am gay and i am sex addict the reason why I've concluded that i am sex addict it's because everytime when i am alone i masturbate 10 times a day i envy every handsome guy i look i cheat on my boyfriend i sex chat with people exchanging nudes please help this is not good for my relationship

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hi there, welcome to the site. i think it is great, you realize the impact this is having on you and your relationship. have you talked with your boyfriend about this?

@Griz75 i didn’t actually told him the whole story i just said to him that i am sex addict i love sex

He said he'll discipline me and start to refuse to have sex with me telling he's disciplining me and well that didn't help cause that made me to cheat wank

@Thabangkyle you might have to look at things to keep yourself busy, work to avoid triggers of when you want to, work hard to change some behaviors. it is hard work but not impossible.

Thanks lately i am winning

@Thabangkyle good for you

@thebangkyle triggers dont just happen they are as a result of feeling. Sometimes as a result of state of mind. The only way u can keep win is by first keeping track of your taughts when u do that it help u to know where these triggers originate from... how do u keep track?...by putting it all down ..write everything that happened in a day in a journal this will help u see the events that leads to ur episodes.. write who u met how it felt when u talked to them who u saw and what ur taught are about them this I believe will free ur mind and help u to become an observer

i was a complete sex addict through my 20's to my mid 40's. try self-help groups like sexaholics anonymous or sexual compulsives anonymous, at least for the time being even though they are going to try to talk you into attending for the rest of your life, but if it works, so be it. remember though, you're there to stay 'sober' and not to be making any 'friends'. even try RECOVERY INTERNATIONAL, based upon the works of dr. abraham low, although they don't talk about sexuality or medication. the meetings are in person and are on the 'net as well. deal with this addiction, or whatever it is, in part acts and try substituting it for some less damaging hobby. you're medicating and the highs and relief that you get for a few moments aren't going to solve anything. but don't be too hard on yourself. pornography is a lot less harmful than actually acting out, especially during the corona virus!

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