Hit some bumps

This last two days have been pretty awful. I've been hating on myself, mostly the way I look. And eating way too much, and hating myself for that. So then I purged. And then I hate myself for that. I just want to be happy with myself. I used to be. I know I can do it again, so why can't I just do it now! My obsessive thoughts are so disruptive to the rest of my life, and I get frustrated about that. Furthermore, why do I keep putting off the help i know I need? Why can't I just call one of these places instead of making up a million excuses about why I can't call now? How did I allow this to happen?

Hi I guess I just felt like talking. They say that humans are the most intelligent...why do we get caught up in these psychcological problems like "I'll start tomorrow"?
anyway, I find the hardest part about any battle is starting so maybe the trick is just to get started
so I send you energy that you may! best wishes,Karl

i think it's hard to take the final step to get help because you don't know what will come out of it. you start to imagine how things will be, how people might react when you contact them, what you'll have to do etc. and of course none of it would be easy. and all of the steps involve willingness to change. and change is dead scary...

but as Jan just said, you'll never know unless you try! so like karl ill send you some superheropowers to finally take that first step.

and other than that i'll be on you asking and bothering if you did it :-) (only if you want me to of course!)


I agree…the uncertainty of it all frightens us away, and prevents us from taking action. I guess I would say to ask yourself if you are content for things to stay the way they are, and/or worsen? Because they will likely get worse if you don’t get help. Please do it for YOU!! You deserve it!
Take care…Jan :heart:

Lol, thanks again guys! I did not call today, but I talked to a very close friend who threatened to call, and drive me there, if I did not take care of it myself soon. Hopefully, between you guys and her, I'll make a move. No, scratch that, I will make a move.

hey scernock, hope you'll wake up with some new positive feeling today and lots of motivation! you just gotta set free that strength in you, it's definitely there. just like you reached out to us, you can reac out in the real world :-)

have a lovely day

Hi again when you start your recovery you can scratch "I will make a move" and change it to "I AM making a move!!"

Make tiny goals and accomplish them---any size of success
counts and just like pennies in your piggy bank,they'll add up!

Also a thing that is very difficult for me and I'm sure for others, is that you CANNOT do anything TOMORROW
(or yesterday) so it just has to start NOW!!

Probably you've heard this one:

"Yesterday's history...
Tomorrow's a mystery...
TODAY is a gift----
that's why it's called the present!"

bye for now

love love it, karl!
thank's for sharing this :-)

its like how bad do u really want it? if you want something to happen you gotta make it happen. alot is easier said than done but if u want it done then do it. it might be complicated but its simple if u set ur mind to it..
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