I have been positive for 20 years. I am looking to meet friends who are the same and don't mind talking are sharing there condition with friends. I am looking to meet people who would like to give support as well as get it.

Hi there I am poz also resently disgnosed March 17th. i too would like to chat sometime. You would have a good insite and help for those who have resently been diagnosed. I can be there as well support in any form helps.

Hello, I don't really know much how it must be like living with HIV, but I think you came to the right place for support. Welcome.

hello im also hiv poz for 14yrs an counting an hep c doing treatment for that an seem to be hanging in there im new to this site an have no problem sharing info yes it gets lonely sometime we can always help each other best wishes

at this point i dont know if i have hiv or not but every since i been having symptoms ive been scared to death my doc saids im just depreesed but i think diffrent can people thats been dealing with this for a while please help me your knowledge of this well be far more helpfull then some doctor

Hello, Crazy Man: If you really aren't sure, there are anonymous HIV tests you can purchase online. Or, simply go to a public health office. I was diagnosed about a year ago, and still struggle with the side effects of my meds. everyone tells me they will eventually will go away. Yet, they have not gone away. Sometimes I get bogged down from stomach pain, and now my fingertips are numb... and I also have confusion. I live life one day at a time. It is my singular focus simply to get through the day. Peace*

hi my name is jacqueline 4 i writing to see if i could speak to rudy hi i know how you feel i have had it for

hi my namee is jacqueline 4 i am 47 years old i live in norwich conn .i have a3 kids but they are big now i am looking to talk to rudy i just want to tell you ive had it for 19 years i found out back on 94 it was very hard and now i hasve aides but still kicking it so keep your head up i lost lots of good friend becauseof what i got but i still keep liveing why because allmost die 2 time back in 09 so i keep living i don] let nothing get to me no more so if you want to write to me and smile

Hello, I haven't been around much lately. I have had to move. My building manager moved me to an apartment that is a section 8 apartment, which is good because I currently have no income, and 30 percent of zero is zero. That works for me. My latest bloodwork shows my liver is stressed, and I might be heading towards liver failure. I know I'm tired and confused much of the time. I'm also having very strange dreams. Everything is covered with a thick layer of dust. Very strange. I just wanted to see if there was anything new here and say hello. Peace*