Hiya, I am 39 and the doctors believe I came out with shingl

Hiya, I am 39 and the doctors believe I came out with shingles a few weeks after my son has chicken pox in April but I had no rash however the pain knocked me out for a month. I believe have now suffered 3 outbreaks my right hand side, my right leg and then my side again. I have just been diagnosed with PHN as I am in pain everyday worsened by walking and moving around anything really that makes my side move. I was on amytriptoline but struggled with it affecting my moods and so could not take enough to make a difference. I have now been on gabapentine for a week and have had to take the maximum prescribed to me at this point 300mg 3 times a day but the pain at times is still stopping me in
My tracks, I work full time as a teacher and can feel myself struggling already after being back to work only one week. Help what can I do!

https://www.practicalpainmanagement.com/patient/conditions/postherpetic-..., came across this and thought it could be helpful.

Thanks I am struggling with being healthy if I'm honest since I had shingles my healthy diet has gone out of the window and been replaced with whatever makes me feel better.

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I am right there with you - Since my shingles outbreak / mix of anti-viral medication and pain relief I have no appetite, and if I do it is for comfort food. I am considering gabapentin (neurontin) instead of the norco I have been prescribed, which makes me loopy and nauseous. How is the gab working for you and what are the side effects (if any)?

I hope that you have a better grasp on the pain since your last post - I feel like shingles pain is vastly underestimated.

I have Gabapentin in home BEFORE shingles I take for sciatica flare ups (herniated discs). It works GREAT for sciatica for me but used to make me sooo tired. Since I upped dosage to around 1800 mgs daily (Primary who is not that great told me I could take even more but I don't trust her) for shingles it doesn't even make me tired anymore which is odd. Norm for shingles is 300 mgs 3 x daily but you can up it if you want & find relief. I'm unsure if it has to build up in your system but I don't think so. I take magnesium with it as it can deplete magnesium levels (from sicatica this happened to me while on Neurontin). I find the Neurontin unfortunately wasn't helping me with severe internal Shingles pain (the itching burning pin ***** senations is the least of my concern I'm getting used to it 3 weeks in, its the severe internal pain feel like I've been in major car accident along with chest pain so bad (all on right side only & in back,ribs, chest only, though sometimes to neck- probably stress of it all?) I thought I was having heart attack & now comes & goes but lessening: think due to antacid scrip as I was diagnosed 5 days after Shingles pain with GERD (only had once before in my life short time). I'd try the Neurontin & if it works alone for pain, great! In my case unfortunately it didn't so I saw pain management doc after they gave me one pill upon leaving ER (I wanted to rule out gall bladder (after heart ruled out since on right side only) & while making me dizzy & loopy it did help with the pain. After continuing excrucatiing pain I ultimately did go to Pain Management to get scrip & I only take when pain so severe I can't tolerate it, or can't sleep. I've kept up Neurontin as well though sometimes lessen dose (I have 100 mg pills too) if I take a pain pill. I up Neurontin again when pain is ebbing since I want to really save pain pills for when I'm about to cry from pain! (I have high tolerance for pain)
Re: appetite. I too lost weight (12 pounds so far) but am now eating again & same- all comfort foods. I guess anything for pain sufferers that distracts us from pain, even if only when eating! Agreed: shingles is the worst pain for those of us that have bad case & information on cases like ours (sever pain less rash pain) is surprisingly limited on the net. But many people who haven't had it I find do know someone (usually over 60) & they are aware of the pain shingles causes.
I was so desperate to find sufferers & support group & really found none in community or online. I called National Shingles Foundation as its listed everywhere & it should be removed. No info whatsoever & all they are is a fundraising group. That's great, but they have no info on shingles o rsupport etc. Sad but true, you'd think otherwise?
Praying we all get better sooner than.....months ?

I just joined this group today; am 70 years old, and was diagnosed July 4, 2015. My symptoms are similar to your's and in basically the same area. It felt like I had been hit by telephone poles from front and back to my lower right rib. My PA had no clue what to prescribe and I lay awake screaming so loud my neighbor could hear me! My current PA is helping me with some of the same prescriptions you take which help but leave me very tired. Thanks for sharing your story!

Your welcome & do I hope it subsides soon, sooner, soonest!
I 'm so sorry to hear you got it again- this is your 2nd bout with shingle,s first in 2015? Have you gotten the shot? There is a new shot, Shingrix which is much much better and lasts alot longer than old one. I haven't gotten it yet but hope to as soon as I can afford, as insurance doesn't cover it. I so hope your shingles abates soon! Liidocaine patches (large that you cut yourself) & topical spray & calamine &.or witch hazel worked the best for the burning/itching for me, while increasing dosage of neurontin/gabapentin made it bearable. Distraction , walking outside (when I could make it out of bed) helped too. The first days/weeks were roughest, like youI layed in hospital ER bed entire day curled in a ball moaning the 4th-8th day after symptoms began: rash only & heart pain at first oddly. GErd along with shingles & then body/shingles pain kicked in fiercely. I only went to hospital to rule out gall bladder attack as my mother had hers removed (and also thought could be heart pain).

Ultimatley it took me about 31/2 months (began early October) to fully recover. Still have occasional twinges/stabs of nerve pain every now and then front side right, under & inner side of bosom where 3 raised dots (like pimples) have never disappeared & occasionally itch. To make sure shingles not live, I went to dermatologist who claims its something else but raised dots began with shingles and remains & that's exactly where nerve pain still comes. Its an odd disease with all different symptoms & I don't think doctors can even figure it out. LIdocaine patches stuck to body worked for topical pain & I even put right on top of rash as 1 Dr. said no, other said yes- it worked & didn't make rash worse (right side only front chest & mid to upper back). I never had large rash symptoms, was small spots & just the itchiness & outer pain along with the internal body pain. Ultimately upping Neurontin dosage & taking consistently several times a day (I mixed both 300 mg, 100mg, & 600 mg pills) worked the best to keep it tolerable. I believe severe stress brought it on. Still have 1/2 that bottle of percoset left hoping I'll never have shingles again but if I do I'm prepared...I forgot about this post but got an email notice of reply. Wishing & praying for your speedy recovery. BTW, I'm 57 - and they also just reduced the recommended vaccine age to 50+, not 60+. I've met several people now in their 20's-30's who've had it too, and 20 year old has recurrent cases. For anyone reading this run, don't walk for the new shot- it came out in March.

@shinglespain57 Mine never went away; just abated with some meds. The patches are too expensive. I do apply a very comforting cream called Puriya, that I refrigerate and is very soothing. Yes, this is an odd disease with incredible adjectives that I can relate to! Thanks for your well wishes, and, for you the same!