Hiya, i just wondered (having a few problems) what scale is

hiya, i just wondered (having a few problems) what scale is used in your area for the messrement of your levels?
i mean if i say i'm worried because blood sugar is 17.1 even with meds and having not eaten for at least 3 hours.. how many of yo would that make sense to?

So maybe it wold be a good idea to learn other areas ways of working it too?

my above statement was true but i should also point out this is my first day back on meds for weeks.. it wasn't a choice, i just kept forgetting.. sorry

the metformin makes me feel like poop

I'm guessing you're in the U.K? Here's something I found for converting. Are you meeting a dietitian? Learning the right kinds of foods/drinks and how often to eat as well as exercising can help you manage diabetes and eventually get off medicine .....

@TennisPlayer thank you.

Sadly as a perminant wheelchair awaiting a big hernia my options for exercise are extremely limited
But I don’t eat too badly

wow, based on the conversion your GL is over 300, that's pretty high. Do you have an endo ? if not, get one. they will likely increase your meds, but also balance them so your GL flattens out.

I am trying to get an endo
The Metformin is giving me a dodgy tummy again, I tried the slow release stuff but it was going through me too quick to work.

I think that most of us in here have a problem with the side effects of Metformin. I take two 1000Mg tabs daily, one in the am and one in the pm, they both make my stomach feel queezy. I just power thru it, but it still sucks. I am on a lot of meds but it does the trick, am what they call "controlled" if there is such a thing, one of the lucky ones I guess, but the endo was a miracle worker. I was all over the place. it wasn't uncommon for me to spike out at 400 or above, and 30 minutes later be below 50.. it sucked. my endo changed my meds and the times and amounts, and it evened me right out.. Now consistently I wake up at around 60 to 65, and I don't go above 120 during the day... the meds work.

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