Hmm maybe this is just due to living with a narcissist my wh

Hmm maybe this is just due to living with a narcissist my whole life and being dragged down whenever I was happy or had an achievement but I used to suffer with acne, it made me cry, scream, hide my face, I avoided going out, I kept the acne covered with spot creams and face masks, I stopped eating certain foods, I went on medication that didn’t help, I was stuck and i felt ugly but in the end I accepted my skin and thought nah I’m cute with or without acne and that’s not a bad feeling to have, please do not think acne makes you dirty or gross or ugly because I think k the stigma around acne is that people think you are dirty and don’t wash yourself which is far from the truth, acne can be caused by multiple things and it’s normal to get. Point being I wanted to share photos of my journey but I’m so scared of people on here having a go at me and saying either my skin wasn’t that bad or I’m rubbing it in that it’s cleared, truth is I still get breakouts now but I wanted to show that it does end, it’s not permanent. It can be a long journey and whatever acne you have, mild, moderate, severe, it can affect you so many ways. Don’t judge someone’s journey please so the narcissist comment was to do with the fact I don’t dare post my journey incase I’m pulled down for it because that’s what my mums done my whole life to me, whenever I accomplished something it would be belittled

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So true, I have dealt with it off and on my whole life, we all deal with it, not sure why it is considered abnormal.  

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@CKBlossom it’s so so natural, and it can also be genetic too, people used to point my acne out in college and I was like do you not think I don’t know? You wouldn’t point someone’s weight gain or loss out so why would you point someone’s acne or skin condition out, so annoying and rude x

I didn’t think I could relate to something more in my life I’m just clicked this group because my moms been pushing accutane I’m to scared for it and my acne isn’t even mad but the way she talks about it or anything for that matter I just feel like I’m being drugged down don’t get me wrong I’ve caused so many issues in my family but all she talks about how she can’t wait till I’m gone out of her face makes me count down the days

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@Struggling289 I don’t blame you because accurate is strong and can affect everyone differently and it’s something to deeply look into and consider with your dr ect but don’t let anyone push you into something you don’t feel right with, it’s your body and acne isn’t all treated the same, sometimes it isn’t worth the stress we go through to try get rid of it, I went through so much stress with it to attempt to clear it which made it worse and a soon as I accepted it and calmed down and thought ‘I’m cute with or without’ it kinda helped, parents can be harsh with acne as they think it’s a simple fix but it’s never the case