Hmmm I wonder whats next

Hi everyone! Well shortly after my other post i went in to the doctors office to get my weekly allergy shot. But this time i had a horrable reaction. They gave me two epipens (adrenalyn shots)a shot of benadryl to try to slow my reaction a little bit. And a couple breathing treatments to try to make things better and breath on my own. Next thing i knew they called The ER floor to come and pick me up and take me up there. They were wheeling me up in the wheelchair and got up there. They put a oxygen tube in my nose and a oxygen mask surrounding my face trying to get me breathing. When there they kept trying to stick IVs in me to get some water and medicine in me. I passed out from everything. I woke up and there was blood on my arm and the hospital bed. They said they were missing and that it was really hard sticking it in and keeping it in my arms. After the third time they got it. After that i got a total of 6 more shots totaling 12 all together. I kept passing out on them and getting confused. I finally woke up and started breathing on my own. While up there they were questioning me. They wanted me to stay over night but my mom got there and told them no.They told me i had to start accepting the food and drinks and i was allowed to go home with my mom. It was by far the scariest experiance ever. My lungs are still spasming and im sick and kind of struggling with the food a little. But i realized that i needed to try to chamge some stuff around. I always used to think of how i wanted to die.. But now i know thats not on my list. Its gona be a struggle and i know that. I am still scared of it and its been a couple days. I really hope it will all work out and be ok. Well to whoever is reading this thank you for your time on reading this.

dip...I'm so sorry you had such a horrible experience. Please listen to what your doctors tell you, and if you are not seeing a therapist, please look for someone you can begin meeting with to talk about the ED, and get yourself into a good recovery plan.
This is scary for sure. You can put this behind you...take care...Jan ♥


That experience at the hospital sounded horrible! I'm glad that you were able to get home. I'm also glad that you are wanting to start changing your ways! This is a GOOD sign :D

I think you need to first talk to your mom, as mentioned in another post, and from there she'll be able to help too. I know it's hard because it feels like you're giving up control...but believe me, it's for the best. Hopefully she'll be able to help find you a counselor so you can start to learn ways to fight your habits.

Wishing the best!!

Way to go with your realization! Sometimes those terrifying experiences, as much as they suck, are a good way to shake us into realizing what exactly the consequences of our actions are and why we don't want to go there. Good luck in making the changes you need to--onward and upward!