HOCD still here

This is the second time ive written here. These thoughts seem soo overpowering, one minute ill be sure and the next i wont, at the moment it seems to be getting worse, with good thoughts being less frequent. I really dont understand why this is happening. At the moment i just have this horrible anxious/nauseous feeling in my stomach and my head hurts, it feels like yes im actually gay and im really not happy about it at all. And then sometimes i think maaybe i would be happy, but i know im not. Sometimes it actually helps to just say okay so im gay and then not freak out about that, its weird for the first 30 minutes but after it feels like i dont actually have to worry - not because i am gay, because im not. But i dont know if this is taking a toll and the reason for me just being ill/stressed the WHOLE time. I feel soo overwhelmed and out of my depth its unreal. Is anyone else experiencing/experienced anything similar to me? would be great to here some feed back,

Thanks again,


Hey There,

Try not to worry about these things, sit down, relax and have a cup of tea, I am sure you ate brilliant just the way you are:D

Kind Regards
Michael Jones