i am a 17 year old male and think i have hocd its really scarying mee becausee i really dnt want to be gay but its like my head keeps telling me i am am scared to death
tbh because there is this girl i like but every time i think about her the hocd kicks in and i think am gunna hurt her because of me thinking am gayy i really dnt wana be i wanna have kids and gett married and that stuff :(i would find it weird to live with a man and dogay things with him and av never thought ov a man in a rude way or owt and ever since i was little i have liked girlss i have had loads of girlfriendss but my head is killing from allways worrieing i dunnooo what caused it tbhh i just remeberr one day fantasiseing about my girlfriend and anal and after that i was worried it was the thought of a penis that turn me on and ever since i have beeing worrieing about it :( and since then i have had errection problems which scares me baecase am at the age where i want to have sexx and that and that makes the hocd worse beacsause am constantly worrieing that i wnt get a ***** over a girl andf thant makes me mre scared it nt that i dnt get themm but i have to be extrmly turned on now when before it didnt take much to get one i dunnooo what to do what makes me more scared is that i dnt get that tuned on or get an errction by girlss photos or rude ones is this down to the hocd because before this all happend i did sumone help plasee


Hello Jordan.

From the sounds of it, it seems like HOCD to me. I know these are scary situations because I have them myself, And I have a boyfriend and it ruins our relationship, even if we are about to have sex, I get one thought of being with a girl and it puts me off totally and we end up not doing anything.

You have to ask yourself questions like "Would I want to spend my life with a man? "Am I sexually, physically, mentally and emotionally attracted to men" And if your reply is no to them questions then it means your not gay, its a simple as that, but I know that the HOCD still affects you after you answer them questions. The right name to call is Pure-Obsessional OCD, look it up on wikipedia.


Have a look at these websites, they might answer a few questions.

Have you noticed any other OCD symptoms you may have? For example I thought I have a brain tumor and kept getting headaches for months.


>When your getting a "spike" keep telling yourself thats its the HOCD talking.
>Ignore people telling you your in denial, if you were if denial your wouldn't have a fear of giving up on the opposite sex, you would be fearing how to tell people your gay. But your not, its HOCD. People don't understand so ignore it.
>Please try to get yourself professional help, go to see your doctor and they might transfer you to a CBT therapist.

If you ever need to talk, i'm here. Don't worry, if you get professional help it will go away, i might not if you don't.

Good Luck and stay positive.