Holiday DeStressing tips

holidays can be stressful, here are good tips to de-stress:

"If the fast-approaching holidays fill you with visions of stress and dread rather than of family, friends, and dancing sugarplums, make an early New Year's resolution: Vow now to simplify your life; don't wait for January regrets to kick in.

The secret: easy shortcuts that shift the focus away from obligation to what really matters -- people.

Holiday Stressor: Overscheduling

De-stressor: Shortcuts that preserve "me" time. It might sound counterintuitive to cram in time for yourself during what's supposed to be a season of loving your fellow man. But regular time to regroup, without distractions, gives you both energy and calm -- making you more fun to be around. Too many people lop self-time off the list in the busy season.

Check in with your body first, every time. Before answering an invitation or building a gingerbread house, pause to notice whether you feel excited or tense, relaxed or headachy, calm or vaguely nauseated. If you're not good to go, don't go forward. Don't worry about what others will think."

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i love this! its great advice… i hate that feeling when you get this annoyed feeling being invited somewhere and feel you have to go. i am definitley going to go with how i feel and not force myself to attend parties out of obligation. this time of year should be fun and exciting, not stressful. thanks for sharing!

ya, think theeres too much pressure this time of year. we all need ot relax.