Holiday loneliness

Feeling lonely during the holidays is really typical. We can’t all have families we love or if we do, we can’t all afford to be together, so while we all want a merry, joyful and white Christmas, that might not be our reality. So instead of this being another crappy and lonely holiday, let’s make the remaining days of December, better, brighter and more memorable.

  1. Reach Out to Others: If you have friends, family, or acquaintances you haven’t spoken to in a while, consider reaching out to them. Even a simple message or phone call can help you feel more connected.
  2. Volunteer: Helping others can be a great way to feel connected and useful. Look for local charities or organizations that could use your help during the holiday season.
  3. Join Community Events: Many communities have events during the holidays, such as markets, concerts, or religious services. Participating in these can help you feel part of a larger group.
  4. Explore Online Communities: If physical gatherings aren’t an option, online communities related to your interests can be a great place to make connections.
  5. Start a New Tradition: Create your own holiday tradition that brings you joy, whether it’s watching a particular movie, cooking a special meal, or going for a walk in nature.
  6. Practice Self-Care: Focus on activities that make you feel good, like reading, exercising, or practicing a hobby.
  7. Adopt or Foster a Pet: If you’re able to, adopting or fostering a pet can provide companionship and a sense of purpose. Plus, a lot of fosters are needed over the holidays.
  8. Seek Professional Help if Needed: If loneliness is overwhelming, consider talking to a therapist or counselor.

Remember, it’s okay to feel lonely sometimes, but taking small steps to connect with others and engage in activities you enjoy can make a significant difference.

From your Holly Jolly SG Team

Hopefully as we head into spring all these tips were helpful and supportive. -SG