Holiday/WInter Blues

Starting to feel the traditional sadness and isolation of the season. I get that everyone else has lives of their own but it’s still lonely when you haven’t seen anybody in weeks. Historically I haven’t had many friends so it’s hitting harder than normal this year. Not much that can really be done but I can always gripe here :slight_smile:

Hello Griffin97, I am in the same boat as you are. In addition I am 79 and handicapped. that makes getting out very difficult. However. sites like this allow you to vent and there are others, like me, to tell you that you are not alone–and to vent as well I haven’t celebrated a CHristmas since my partner died 8 years ago. And I dont know what is hardest, being so alone or being so old. One solution if you can do it, is take yourself out to lunch or dinner once in a while. take a book. i do that.

Good luck and happy holidays/ pleae respond if you lieks.

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Feeling the the same . Known I have to spend sometime with the in-law who I dislike . A real horrible person . Friends will be busy while I will be alone probably on here. .

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Do you really have to spend time with the inlaw?

That’s good advice. I’ve also been keeping myself busy with some projects and crafts.

Yes .Difficult situation but try to avoid her most of the year . Not a very like relative by other family members too. .

A lot of places need help on Christmas day that serve food or do service to those in need. Maybe this is something you might like to do.

Something else you can do is check yourself into a nice hotel with a free breakfast on a weekend, or perhaps for Christmas, so you get a change of environment, and treat yourself to a Starbucks coffee. You might also see if you can find a local massage parlor and treat yourself to a massage, or find a mall that’s open with a massage chair and enjoy some time with getting a massage, not to mention the hot tub at the hotel if it has one. Plus, if you stay there on Christmas, all of the hotels have lobbies with chairs, and the front desk staff will probably talk with you if they don’t have anyone waiting to check in. I kind of like the Bavarian/German or Swedish themed towns with the little shops and buildings that look like you are visiting Europe, without leaving the U.S., so that’s something you might try.