Im feeling really hollow and empty today. I feel so replaceable, how did I become so fucking average and boring and replaceable? How can we be sure that we've ever really made a difference in any ones life? If everyone eventually moves on whats the point of anything?

The journey is more important than the destination.

if there is no long term impact and the journey was too long ago to remember whats the point of it??

How do you know what your point is? We may have been put here for a reason you are unaware of. Remeber that God does not make any mistakes, and that you are never alone. I have dealt with those feaelings of mediocrity and pointlessness, but then we have to remind ourselves that we are not in control, that its for God to deceide. Our job is to become the best YOU that you can, and to appreciate the small things in life. Even if its a sunset, flowers, or being able to write in a journal. I know its hard sometimes, but dont loose faith that we are all special in our own way, and important in God's eyes.

I feel this often. I often say that I feel like this empty shell just wandering the earth; no real purpose or motive, just on constant auto-pilot with no real reason for being here. That replaceable feeling is horrible to feel. I'm so sorry you are feeling that. So many other emotions stem from that thought and feeling in itself. Do you usually just find that you are out of it just as quickly as you fell into it? That happens to me. It's hard to bring yourself back from that state. Does responding to people's posts help you? Have you thought about maybe volunteering somewhere? Maybe that will help you maintain a sense of worth and purpose? Just a thought. I hope you're doing alright today.

Hello Bombshell:

You're not alone. There are others in the world that feel the same way. You must believe in yourself and know that you have a destiny; you were placed on this Earth with a designated assignment. We are all one by the BLOOD. Don't get caught up in this secular world. You are here to please God Almighty and work for His Kingdom. You are to grow in Faith; enjoy His Mercy, and ask for the Blessings He promised through His death on Calvery. We are to become likeness of Him, as we are created in His image. As I talk to my daughter, recently turn 25, pray, believe, conceive, and receive. There are up- and downtimes. Some of us need meds and therapy to cope. Think positive and love yourself. Enjoy life to the fullest by becoming independent, seeking out the positive things of life that will bring you joy, stop and smell a rose, take a walk and look up at the skies, enjoy the trees, the sound of a bird, the whistling of the wind, and think what a miracle we are and all that is around us. Man created the concrete jungle, cars, houses, pollution, constant battling over resources and a world that is not theirs. We are stewards enjoying the garden for a time. No one knows when that appointment is; however, we sure can rush it by self-destruction or allowing someone else to destroy us. Look inside yourself and remove the negative and focus on the positive. I'll be praying for you.


Wow. I believe in God. I've been a member of this site for only a day and a half now, and I officially understand why people get so pissed off by these God responses. Shoving this in people's faces is NOT the way to get them to hear you. It pushes people further away. It also sounds very condescending, which I, for one, don't appreciate. I really feel like going on a rant right now but it's not even worth that much of my energy or emotion. I wish the site was able to do something about it. Maybe all posts should have to go through an approval process before posting on the site. I'm sure a number of us would be willing to volunteer some time to assist with that. I know I would.

the stupid thing about the god posts is that if people cared enough to ask theyd find out that I BELIEVE IN GOD I am already saved and i still feel this way.

Oh, come on guys... I know it is difficult, but they mean the very best. Some peopel just can't understand that though the religious talk may work well for them, and I support their right to believe in God 100%... not everyone does and it's not a choice not to! you either believe it or you don't. it's not something I can be talked into...

even if I did believe... I'm sorry but I think it would still be difficult to take... I think people really just need an open ear and someone to say "I'm so sorry you feel like that." Maybe say soemthing like "My belief in God really helped me... let me know if you want to know more about that"

for instance... backinthesaddle, I skipped over your post because right away you were getting REALLY heavy on the religion... but I forced myself to go back and read and saw that in the 2nd half you said some really nice things that could have been helpful.

I am not trying to be rude... I LOVE that you have found peace in your God. You are so lucky to have that. Some of the really heavily religious posts just don't come across as approachable.

First off how can you ever be so replaceable? You are way too far attractive to just be average ot even hallow.

I'm sorry but the person who hurt you us a complete idiot.

Now as far as the religious advise, I am Catholic but this isn't about religion it's about being replaced and hurt.

Don't let anyone give you advice you don't like.

Still I'm so lost why anyone is so.stupid to let you go. They truly never cared or was just using you.

You definitely have the ability to find someine better and this time who will see the inner you.

Sorry but I really think this person made the biggest mistake.

@ usmc_cbtengr

so you think im hot and you think that gives you the right to assume im a great person? thank you oh so much, afterall looks obviously determine syour self worth. people like you should not be on sites like this

usmc... that was very sweet... but being pretty (and yes, I agree she is) doesn't at ALL mean someone is destined to be happy... or that you won't be mistreated. Bombshell, focus on taking care of yourself and focus on the things that are important to you... the environment? animals? civil rights? and dedicate yourself to that... you can make a big difference just by doing soemthing small. even making a slight difference in on persons life can effect the path of history... think Butterfly Effect... not the Ashton Kutcher version... lol

thank you for the advice, i keep trying to do those things but then i lose focus haha, thanks for reminding me :slight_smile:

Ugh...the "looks" answer. Sometimes I wish I looked like **** so I would never have to worry if someone was in my life just because they thought I was attractive. Bombshell, as you are very beautiful, I know this doesn't have anything at all to do with who you are and what you may be going through inside. Beauty isn't a cure for negative emotions which I know is what you're going through right now. It's hard to do, but try to maybe come up with three things that you've done for someone else. It could be as simple as letting them out into the driving lane when there is tons of traffic and no one would let them in. We never really know how we impact someone's life, but it happens all of the time. That person could have been having the worst day, and something that simple may have made them feel so much better. If you can't think of anything, maybe try to think of little things you remember that others have done for you, then think if you've ever done that for someone else? It's easier to see positives in others than it is in ourselves. I hope you're feeling at least a little better today.

off topic slightly.. I used to know someone who was very very very overweight and she had wieght loss surgery and afterwards she lost it all and "looked great" but then she said to me... "I wish I was fat again... at least when I was fat I knew when people REALLY liked me"

That's so true Jessica; and so sad.

Bombshell, though I agree the compliment was a little misplaced (I mean your post is called "hollow" and he decided to use your outside to make you feel better)... I think USMC was really just trying to make you feel better.

i am also clever enough to realize that, but im a brutally honest person so im not going to apologize, hopefully hell use this as a learning experience for the future.

yeah... don't be nice to people, LOL...

hey how about dont try to guilt trip people on support groups