Honestly do you feel medical professionals treat you differe

Honestly do you feel medical professionals treat you different, and with less respect when they know you have a mental illness? Today I tried all day to get help on a medical issue no one would help me figure this out. Then my husband went to the doctors office to deal with it. Bam! They helped him and figured everything out. All day they would not help me. But a normal person goes in and then they help. My husband is a nice guy. But I think it’s more than that. I think it is easy to dismiss a mentally ill person when there is a problem. Life must just be easier when people know you are not a crazy person. I guess. Sad but true. I don’t know what I would do with out my husband. He stands up for me! Then they take the problem seriously.

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it may be that in our society men may garner more respect as well. Very sorry you were disrespected. Sadly, not a good statement about your doctors office. :( I hope that if needed , you might have the opportunity to find physicians and their staff who are better suited to properly support you. Best wishes.

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@andine it seems to be everywhere that my husband is just treated better than I am. Maybe it is because he’s a man I’m not sure.

One of my previous diagnoses was FND; Functional Neurological Disorder, what used to be called conversion disorder (it's also frequently called a "trashcan diagnosis", for when they can't figure out what's wrong with you). There did appear to be a tendency for some medical personnel to quickly jump to "conversion disorder" and be much quicker to dismiss my chief complaint as being essentially psychosomatic in origin.
It's also true that giant medical conglomerates put a lot of pressure on doctors to "assembly line" patients and get them in and out of their exam rooms as quickly as possible, and insurance companies to minimize treatment as much as possible, so they're not exactly incentivized to spend the time necessary to really look at you in depth. Perhaps I was being overly sensitive...but perhaps not. In a prehospital setting, I would be reluctant to share my psychiatric diagnoses with an EMT or Paramedic; it's simply not relevant.

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@Piobaire see I kind of disagree with that last statement I feel like a paramedic or EMT would be the first person to need to know that I am a mental health patient and that I suffer from psychosis. I think that it’s very very relevant because that way they actually put me in the mental hospital instead of putting me in danger situation. At least that’s kind of how I feel about myself I was even thinking about getting a medical bracelet that has my diagnosis on it so they can’t just release me into the streets. It’s very interesting everything you said though. You don’t think a medical bracelet would be helpful? I know a lot of medical people don’t know what to do with mentally ill people. ?