Honestyshining the mirror within

A fantastic thing was said to me this week...we have a mirror that reflects us within and makes us "self aware" but the only polish we have to keep this mirror clean is honesty....

Every bury your head in the sand...say about that ED you were so desperately hiding pretending you weren't eating as much or were eating enough or weren't purging...when you were doing any of the above.

Or have someone we love really hurt us. but instead of face the pain, turn our back and block our ears to it and pretend whatever they were doing wasn't happening.

The more and more we cloud our mirror and are not honest the less and less we see ourselves and our realities. And realities although they may hurt at the time are not a bad thing...it's facing the realities that make us strong.

So just think I myself am guilty in both of those paragraphs but I am trying everyday to shine my mirror up good clean and proper:)

Anyone else have a clouded mirror?

Love to you
Moongal x

That's so wonderful Moongal! Thank you so much for sharing. Oh, I lived in a very clouded mirror for years so to speak/write. There were two facets of my life that I buried deep and didn't want to face once upon a time; my Bulimia that I battled and my issues with relationships. It wasn't until I brought all of the realities up and out, faced them head on, that I was able to have a very clean mirror. It took me a while and some tough love from loved ones to get to this point. It was a journey, but one worth taking. I highly recommend facing any "demons" head on and working through them, burying and suppressing them will only do far more damage down the road.

Thank you for sharing this incredibly insightful and important post with us Moongal! You are so fantastic!

My mirror fogs up now and then and its gotten all foggy again :(. I think we all understand this aspect. But what I once discovered through recovery (well maybe twice discovered) that yes you can use your eating disorder to shy away from everything in life that is hard. But if you hide in your eating disorder, you are hiding in life, and you won't really start living! I remember when I was severely ill that all I ever felt was numbness. Once I started "defogging" the mirror was when I started feeling happiness, love, anger, sadness- I started dealing with my emotions and my problems that I was trying so hard to shy away from. Its hard to face your problems head on but really, its the only way you can LIVE your life instead of allowing it to pass on by.


That is “bang on” and yes it is fear that stops us from being honest and admitting to others and ourselves that things are not going well and that is what mirrors back a true reflection.

Have you ever encountered someone who you knew wasn’t been honest with themselves and it showed very clearly how little insight they had of themselves too. So as horrible as it can be to feel those rollarcoaster of feelings…cos believe me I hear that sister…it makes you really see you:)

Love to you
Moongal x

Allee, it's so amazing that you faced your issues head on and worked through them. You are so incredibly strong. Thank you for sharing your inspirational story.

Great insight Moongal! Thank you for presenting a new 'picture' and perspective from which to view things. Take care,and please continue to write...HUGS...Jan ♥

It's been clouded for about 13 years....I never wanted to clean it, because I didn't want to admit it was there. I still don't want to clean it. It hurts too much. I try to sometimes, but it fogs right up again when another "friend" deserts me...it's a freaking battle...and it's exhausting.

Hey HG,
By admitting and being honest with yourself that you are hurting that is the first step and believe me understand the utter pain of facing of it and worry of someone desserting you.

But keep talking to us, we are here for you.

Keep fighting hun.

Love to you
Moongal x

Wow, that's an awesome image! Thanks for sharing! I know my mirror is very cloudy sometimes, and it often feels like I just keep smearing it up more and more. Gotta remember to fight back!

Hopelessgirl, you can do it, you can clean your mirror and allow it to shine. Don't let anyone or anything defeat you. We are here to help support you through this.