Hoping all have a good day

Hoping everyone has a good and I will pray you all do. Days here in Tucson beautiful 80'2 and sunny, what more can you ask for. Winter sometimes comes in Jan. and Feb ,but can't complain, was swimming just the other dday. Dennis

Thank you!! I hope you have a fantastic day and are enjoying that weather:)

I've been job hunting and looking for help anyway that I can get it. Little frustrated but doing what I can to stay busy and be productive. Hugs, Manic

maniclove, I don’t work anymore and I bet it’s hard to find a job these days. Retired in 1995 at age 45 from post polio sysdrome. Wife was an ER nurse until her death in Feb. 08 which is still killing me. Yes I do enjoy the weather here in Tucson 80’s and high 60’s at night now. Winter comes in Jan, and Feb 50’s and low 40’s sometimes we get into the 30’s or once in awhile even the 20’s but not to often, thank God. Dennis in Tucson. May God grant your miracle. I will pray for you. Where do you live??

well thats sounds fantastic a day of paradise, ive got my winter thrermals on whilst i do the school run :( its dark and nippy

who did u engage with whilst u were swimming another person i hope was it indoor or outdoor? or do u have pools in the gardens in tocson? is there a cafe come on tell all oh and by the way do u have speedos??

as always loving thoughts and positive vibes
D :)

anni, Swimming all by myself, can’t get my dog to go into the pool, she runs along side as I swim and cry’s. No speedos, yet. I have a herb garden, well, herbs in pots that I love to take care of, can move then from place to place as the weather turns from warm to HOT(100’s in June, July Aug. and Sept., 80’s now 60’s at night. We have what they call winter in Jan and Feb, 50’s and once in awhile freezing at night, but mainly high 30’s to low 40’s. Dennis in Tucson

arh dennis u have upset me now, no speedos and there i was thinking u were a young tarzan at heart, johnny wisemuller definitely had the body for speedos :)

i want to pack my suitcase and move to tocson, herb pots sound great idea if only i didnt kill anything green requiring me to be in charge, not lost a kiddie yet but plants tend to be the first casualty in our house either drowned or dying of thirst arh well

loving thoughts and positive vibes

D :)

Love to take care of my herbs. Sometimes they can be hard ,but herbs are easy, sun and water.

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