Hoping today would be a better day. You know new day fresh s

Hoping today would be a better day. You know new day fresh start let the fire burn down. Never fails I was wrong! Already had a complaint over the same crap that we just argued about for hours the night before. It's like talking to a brick wall. But to resolve it I'll take all his son's things and put every item that belongs to him even if that means taking away from his older sibling. (My daughter Adopted by my husband) and have her feel like **** again! Doesn't he see he's loosing his family. The only 2 people who are there for him and support his career choice and would do anything to protect him from his Ex's that threaten his life with horrible accusations and from his 2 biological sons that treat him as well like ****. I just don't get it. Haven't been able to eat in 3 days, my sugar is low, my blood pressure is high and I just can't sleep. I wish for a different outcome but I guess I need to keep going threw hardship to find myself.

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You need to be like a trashman and dump all negative people(even if they are loved ones or family)/things/events out of your life and only bring in positive people/things/events into your life.

Remember, having a relationship is about bringing love and light into each others lives, and not about putting toxic waste and misery into each others lives. If you two are arguing, it means things are not in the way he and you want. A person is happy if there is a certain arrangement of things. Having a partner, means that things need to be arranged in such a way, that both patterns do not conflict with each other. Harmony, so to speak. If that isn't the case, try to compromise, if that doesn't work, then it might be better to end the relationship.

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