gosh where do i start? seems like everything i had planned out in life is just falling apart. i feel like a complete failure and i dont know how much longer i can handle this. im 29 and been trying for close to 2 years now and been thru 3 iui's clomid...all that good stuff...and every month i had this emense amount of faith and hope that something would happen. but i was so wrong. it seems like it has all been goin in the opp. direction. im so tired of feel hopeless and angry all the time. im tired of being depressed and mad at the world because i cant conceive a child. and it seems all my other options are wayy out of my reach. living on a military salary isnt enough to have ivf treatments. ugh somone help... i just need a friend that i can cry too...someone that isnt on the other end wondering when im goin to shut up crying or complaining...someone that doesnt feel that i should be thankfull for what i already have in life. i am very thankful for everything i have. but to be able to count the little fingers and toes on my little one...?? is that too much to ask? to feel it grow? to just have someone say "im sorry" and mean it and not out of pitty? im so lost and confused on why me... what did i do so wrong?

You have not done anything wrong. My daughter went through the very same thing with the clomid, shots and I forget what medication she took for a week and had to sit in a recliner, with her feet up for an hour every day. The doctor did do a scraping of her uterus because her first ended in a miscarrage and that seemed to help...or I guess it did because she did conceive after trying for 5 years. She also had and still has cystic ovaries and she had PCOS during pregnancy. She did have two beautiful children even though they had to be delivered early because her blood pressure got so high. Reading your post I can hear my daughter saying the very same thing. All she wanted was to have her own child, go through a pregnancy and delivery and count fingers and toes. Do not give up.

wow sounds just like me... guilty of all the above.... thank you so much for that. i just feel like god is laughing at me... and this is so hard for me... i am so happy for your daughter... i have a nephew that is so precious and a love i cant explain for... lol... im goin to hang in there and keep my head held high...im not a quiter... but i can only take but so much... :)

My daughter-in-law has been trying on her own(inadequate insurance) for over 5 years. My son finally got hired as a CO in a maximum security prison and they finally have better insurance. She found out 3 weeks ago that she has PCOS. They put her on Metformin and she’s having a procedure on Monday and I forget what all they’re doing. She has hope for the first time in years. I believe she will one day deliver a child because she is truly a mother w/o a child. Sometimes we just have to take a deep breath and blow it out and remember that we have faith that what is meant to be will be. And believe with all your heart that you are meant to be a mother. I’m here if you need me.

I can totally relate with the failure feeling - I mean, as women aren't we supposed to be able to conceive and bear children when we want to? I am sorry for what you are going through, it sucks. My situation is a bit different but I can relate, hang in there! Someway and somehow things work out the way they are supposed to. Have you looked into other options?