How am I feeling? Well I'm a little confused on if I'm in th

How am I feeling? Well I'm a little confused on if I'm in the wrong or not so maybe you guys can help me out. I'll give you some backstory real quick so that this makes more sense. So the last two years my boyfriend likes to have his dinner between the hours of 5:00 and 8:00 p.m.. we have gotten in many arguments of this because I work weird hours and my son doesn't live with me but he's a huge part of my life so my time gets taken up during the day being a parent and sometimes that runs into being past 5:00 pm amongst everything else that I do. the day before yesterday no actually yesterday. Yes yesterday I was in one of these arguments after I promised him last week that I would make an effort to do everything that he asked they're like little rules that I have to abide by like making sure that we have dinner between the hours he requests it's not that hard to do he tells me and "if I can't do these little things then we don't belong together". Over and over and over again. on that same note I'm supposed to check in if it gets around the time we're supposed to be having dinner give him an idea of when I'll be home. which I do, and when I forget because I'm busy working and don't keep my phone on me because it's that kind of work I'm supposed to take the consideration of checking the time constantly so that I can be what he calls "courteous" because if I ignore him and don't check in and let him know what's going on while he is "waiting" for me he says I'm being disrespectful to him.. So I try extra hard all week even though it is taking me a long time I made sure that dinner was made every single night on time and I was in bed exactly when he wanted me to be. Did I mention that I'm pregnant? oh no I forgot about that (another thing he requested that I really wasn't thrilled about). So tonight it's 7:30 p.m. I haven't heard from him all day and it's almost time for dinner to be over so I pack him a change of clothes and I send him a message letting him know where I'm going to be and I would like for him to join me for dinner and if he doesn't want to then he doesn't have to, I even sent him the location of the restaurant so that he is not lost. And tell him that if he's already fulfilled this task of eating then I will just eat by myself". I wait, I order food, it's already past 8:30. He strolls in sits down and expects me to acknowledge him while I'm eating. I look up and the first thing of his mouth is "why am I being such a b****?" My response was simple "I don't understand the double standard with these rules that he insisted that I follow but he doesn't follow them himself" I called him a hypocrite he gets up and he leaves. Doesn't Tell me he's leaving doesn't say anything else, I don't know if he's going to the bathroom to wash his hands I don't know what he's doing. All I know is he's been at this lady's house quote "working" all day and if it was me doing the same thing I would never hear the end of it. Is this not hypocritical? is this not a double standard? am I in the wrong? He blames me for why his A1C is so high because we don't have dinner at a proper time night after night. This all seems very hypocritical to me.. am I in the wrong? What was I supposed to do?

He's absolutely right; you don't belong together.
You are not his property, his servant, or his slave.
What you are supposed to do is leave him. Now. Immediately.
Life is far too short to spend another minute with an emotionally abusive narcissist and domineering control freak; wasted minutes of your precious short life which you can never claw back. You deserve so much better than that!