How am I? I'm exhausted. I've been pulling for 9 years. NINE

How am I? I'm exhausted. I've been pulling for 9 years. NINE years. Every day I tell myself I'm never gonna do it again, I can quit. And every day I end up pulling over and over. I hate it. I'm embarrassed. This disorder controls me everyday. Nobody knows about it either. Not my family not my friends. Except one friend. I mean how do you tell someone?! Oh hey by the way I have a mental impulse disorder where I pull my hair out. I feel so helpless like I'll never be able to stop. I'm just rambling I don't know what to say. I just signed up today and thought maybe not feeling alone would help.

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Hugs and welcome!, this is another awesome resource.

I've been pulling for about the same amount of years. It freakin sucks!! I'm fortunate enough though, that my family knows... I didn't tell them though. They found my hair around the house lol. I just joined today, and maybe talking to someone else who knows what I'm going through will help maybe even a little bit. ☺

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@Jade_ It does suck. My family has found hair but they don’t know it’s because I do this. I’m just sick of it. I’m struggling really hard today with pulling a lot.

Ya basically when it started, my younger brother found hair and told my mom. So they asked me about it. So I told them... lol. It helps though having someone close to you that knows. My family is really understanding.
But I want to talk to others that actually have it too!

@Jade_ my mom would be totally understanding. I’m gonna actually tell her tomorrow. But my dad? Lmao he wouldn’t even know what to think. When I was going through depression and anxiety and some bipolar shit in high school he didn’t get it. You’re lucky you have an understanding family though that’s awesome!

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